Getting to the Root of What Really Causes Gray Hair

What Really Causes Gray Hair

It is not uncommon to see older people with full heads of gray hair, when just a few years earlier their hair was pitch black or a rich brown. Some will try to cover that gray with unnatural coloring agents,

How to Choose the Best Spa Treatment

Once you have decided to go for spa treatment, you need to do proper research about which spa is best for you, the kind of treatment you get and what results you can expect. All these factors would affect your

How Energy Management and Green Design Affects Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity

Sustainable development is more than the latest trend; it’s here to stay. Of the many commonly cited benefits associated with sustainable development, reduced pressure on the increasingly frail environment upon which we’re all dependent is by far the most prevailing.

The Benefits Of Participating In Clinical Trials


You may have seen adverts online and in your local papers for clinical trial participants, and there are often incentives offered to those who decide to join up. This has seen a rise in volunteers for clinical trials, with people

Vaping Rules You Should Be Aware Of

Vaping (or the act of ‘smoking’ an e-cig) is quickly becoming a global sensation. Millions upon millions of people have tried out vaping—and some have even kicked their tobacco habit as a result. And while the general consensus is that

Exercise Tips for Asthma Sufferers


Many people believe that physical exertion is something that should be avoided at all costs for asthma sufferers but this is simply not the case. If you are an asthmatic, staying in shape is just as important for you as

Do Video Games affect your health?

video games and health

Too much of anything is bad for you. Even water, the unsung hero of life, has the ability to kill you.  In today’s society, all claims to do with health should be taken with a pinch of salt and an

5 Supplements You Should Definitely Consider Using


The popularity of adding supplements to a diet has exponentially grown in the last few years. Although they were first seen as something horrible to introduce into your system and generally frowned upon, it can be safely said that natural

How to Trim the Flab for the Holiday Season


As the days begin to shorten and summer gives way to fall, our routines will once again begin to change. Soon, we will find ourselves spending less time outside of our homes and more time inside. Before you know it

Why Holiday Relaxation Is Important for Bodybuilders


When working out professionally, you put your muscles through a lot of stress and strain. Without taking time to relax your body then, you can put yourself at risk of physical injuries, mental fatigue and more. Thus, it’s important to