Finding a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis – How Clinical Trials Can Help


Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that has no known cure. It is an inflammatory disease that affects the insulating covers of the nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain – which in turn hinders the ability of the

The Pros and Cons of Medical Touris

medical treatment

Medical tourism is the process of travelling to a foreign country to undergo some form of medical treatment.  The treatment is usually cosmetic, however it can also be medical, for example specialised cardiac or dental surgeries.  Many countries actually now

Uses of vaniqa in hair removal

Vaniqa is a medication that is used to reduce the development of unwanted hair in human especially on their face. Women use this medication to remove the unwanted hair growth in the area under the chin and on their face.

Going into Medicine Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Becoming a Doctor

With healthcare expanding rapidly, more and more graduates are looking for careers in the medical profession. Doctors get most of the attention and glory, sure, but there are lots of ways to join the medical field without becoming a doctor.

The Importance of Glucose Testing

Diabetes requires lifelong care and vigilance, which includes monitoring your blood sugar. Diabetic Living Online recommends that you test your blood sugar levels multiple times a day including: ·  When you first wake up; ·  Before and after administering insulin;

Understanding Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a common issue that many individuals face at some point in their life. Being told that you need a hearing aid can be shocking at first. Then, looking at the multitude of hearing aids on the market,

Understanding Mental Health Problems in Pregnancy

Stress at the pregnant woman

 Mental health is something we all hear plenty about on TV, radio and in the press these days, and, thankfully the taboo which was once there has disappeared. Unfortunately when it comes to assessing our own mental health, most of

What Type of Support You Can Expect From Any Surrogacy Agency?

surrogacy arrangement

Becoming a parent is the goal of many. While many have no problem having a baby and starting a family, there are individuals who have difficulty producing a child. There are several options for starting a family when pregnancy difficulties

Upping the Spirits – Beating Away Winter Blues

upping the spirits

The dark, dreary winter weather can really dampen your spirits, but if you eat healthy food that provides the right nutrients, you can lift your mood and beat the winter blues. Proteins, vitamins and minerals can really do the trick.

Best Natural Ways to Overcome Addiction

In addition to medications and over-the-counter remedies, there are many different natural ways that an individual can try to overcome an addiction of any kind, whether it’s an addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or even food. The key to any