2013 Fitness Programs – Trends Of The Future

2013 Fitness Programs Of The Future – Technology seems to slip its way into everything that affects all aspects of our lives. Technology makes peoples’ lives easier and more convienient. This poses a significant risk to the health and well being of every person in society because for lack of better terms, it makes people want to be lazy. 2013 Fitness Programs are geared to combat this wave of influence that technology has on our health.

Strength training, core exercises, kids exercises and so on all can be influenced by a shifting technology. How can technology influence our health for the better?

Better tracking of health progress – This has been seen in many hospitals, pharmacies, doctor’s offices and so on by the increased use of electronic health medical records. This electronic data keeping has transitioned into use available by individuals. There are no iPhone apps that can keep track of your progress in the gym, or even keep track of all your runs and allow you to share them with people. 2013 Fitness Programs can be synced up with your phone to help you recognize how hard you’ve worked and what exercises you’ve done.

Technological advances in healthy, working out items – The one that sticks out to me is a shirt that can actually monitor your body heat. For example, with strength training, by monitoring your body heat you can see what part of your muscles are undergoing the most activity and getting worked the hardest. This shirt that is heat activated will give you insight to make sure you’re targeting the right muscle groups.

Another example of this is a version of expensive contact lenses that people can use which help define objects more clearly. For example, some players in the MLB  like Alex Rodriguez have used these contacts to help them better recognize the spin on the baseball to see what pitch is coming. There are many other products coming down the pipeline that can help you monitor your exercises and give you an advantage.

Stay on top of your strength training, core training and overall fitness with these new technological advances that can help you achieve your goals. Remember, technology will never take the “work” out of working out but it can give you advantages to help you work towards your goals.

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