3 Types Of Back Pains

How many of you have woken up out of a perfect night’s sleep with that dreadful chronic back pains? Or maybe you were going to pick something up, and all of a sudden your back shot out and you couldn’t move? Well, you have came to the right place to finally solve your back pain.¬†You no longer have to suffer from the cramps, spasms and pain associated with your back. There are many treatments available that you may not be aware of. Read on to learn numerous ways to treat your back pains so you can go back to living pain free.

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Types Of Back Pains

Back pain can usually be attributed to stemming from three sources:

1. Bones
2. Muscles
3. Nerves

These are the three main types of back pain and treatment for each may be different. You have to first establish where the pain is coming from and what is causing it. Once you establish the origin of your pain then you can begin to find the right treatment tailored for you. Sometimes the pain could be caused by a mix of these three types. As a matter of fact, more often than not, your back pain is caused by a mix of these sources.

Sleeping Affects Chronic Back Pain

Did you know that the way you sleep and position you’re sleeping can affect back pain? Sleeping in certain positions can worsen back pain and on the other hand certain positions can actually reduce back pain. On top of that, the type of mattress that you’re using could have a huge impact on chronic back pain.

Everyone’s back is different so sleeping conditions can be tailored to each individually specifically. A few factors that can impact your quality of sleep and back pain include:

1. Firmness of the mattress
2. Size of mattress
3. Mattress supports and covers
4. Angle of mattress if you can change it

If your quality of sleep is compromised then this can have an impact on back pain. Sleeping can affect all types of chronic back pain so it is important to get good rest. Did you know that if you do not get a full, restful night of sleep then your body actually releases more pain substances throughout your body? Sleeping a full nights rest is important so that your body can fully recover and be full of energy for the next day. If you are not at full strength and full energy/health then your back pain could worsen.

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