5 Menopause Symptoms You Ought to Know

Menopause is certainly not a time that every woman looks forward to, but it is one that should not sneak up on anyone.  The symptoms of menopause are pretty standard across the boards so every single woman in the world should know what to look for and when to look for it.  Because these symptoms can be embarrassing, excruciating, difficult to deal or otherwise, it should be noted that almost every single symptom of menopause can be treated rather easily.  That’s why it’s so important that you know what to look for so that you can pick up on them and get rid of them before they pile on top of each other and make your life a living hell.

What are the Five Most Common Signs of Menopause? 

1.  Vaginal Dryness.  One of the most common signs that menopause is on the way—or here already—is dryness of the vagina.  This can be accompanied by itching, soreness, burning, pain or spotting, especially during sexual intercourse.  You might also have an increased need to urinate as well as a more pressing urge to do so.  This is all caused by a hormonal drop, mostly consisting of a drop in your estrogen levels.  It’s important that you treat this symptoms as vaginal dryness can lead to urinary tract and vaginal infections.  Be sure to use lubrication during sex and if you experience vaginal dryness on a regular basis, look into personal lubricants or ask your doctor for help with medications.

2.  Hot Flashes.  Easily one of the most publicized of the menopause symptoms thanks to its countless portrayals in movies and television shows as being a period of extreme duress, hot flashes are certainly a big flashing arrow that screams menopause.  Essentially, this is an intense and sudden wave of heat that comes over your body.  Depending on your own body, these might last a few seconds to a few hours, be severe or mild or occur once ever or once an hour.  There really is no general rule to follow here, which makes it even more frustrating.  While not usually painful, the are extremely discouraging because they can severely interfere with your daily routines and be embarrassing or debilitating to go through.

3.  Loss of Sexual Drive.  Not only will vaginal dryness make it painful to have sex—thus reducing your libido—menopause itself can also cause a drop in your urge to have sex.  Thanks once again to estrogen levels falling, you will likely not want to have sex as much as you did before.  This can be damaging to women who place a high value on the sensual and sexual side, but just try and keep in mind that this isn’t a permanent phase, just a passing one.  Your doctor can help prescribe you some medications to level off your hormones or you can just choose to ride it out.

4.  Night Sweating.  While they might seem like hot flashes, the big difference between those and night sweats are that night sweats only occur during sleep.  This can lead to sudden waking where you are drenched in sweat.  You might not be able to get back to sleep or you might dread falling asleep in the first place.  This can bother bed partners as well since you are kicking off the covers, tossing, turning, soaked in sweat, miserable, etc.  Plus, the loss of sleep will affect your daily life as well, leaving you zombified, lacking in energy and irritable.  A simple solution here is to invest in moisture wicking pajamas which are specially designed to whisk the moisture away from your body, giving you a cooler, drier, more comfortable sleep.

5.  Irregular Periods.  Finally, as you know, periods will eventually cease to occur with menopause which can be one of the major highlights down the road, especially for those who experience painful cramps.  As such, one of the first signs of menopause is an irregular period.  While this might be more offsetting than you’d imagine (especially if you have extremely regular periods that you set your internal clock to), it is inevitable and the only way to pass through this is to experience the change that is occurring in your body.

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