5 Technologies That Have Revolutionized Healthcare

Technology has been a great help in the fields of finance, retail and communication. Now, it is being embraced by the healthcare sector increasingly. Through the implementation of technology, it will be possible to improve the healthcare provided to patients.

The healthcare industry is rapidly implementing the latest and cutting edge technology to solve a variety of issues. It has become beneficial for the patients and the doctors if the advance technology is used. 5 of the most remarkable technologies are given below.

3D Printing
3D printing technologies have already been accepted by the medical device industry to achieve great success. Medical devices such as hearing aids and braces are generally created with this technology these days. However, one of the biggest benefits of 3D printing is in the creation of prosthetics.

Casts, prosthetic limbs, facial prosthetics such as nose and ears can now be created with perfection using this technology. Organ printing is the next step for this technology.

Artificial Intelligence
Many companies have invested significantly into the creation of an Artificial Intelligence system for various purposes. However, it has become possible to implement this advanced technology in the field of healthcare and medicine. With the help of AI, diagnostic apps have been created to help the doctors. At the same time, this technology is only starting up. As it advances, it has the potential to bring a huge change to the medical community.

Brain-Computer Interfacing
Brain-computer interfacing started with the creation of tools to help people control a computer cursor with their minds when they have lost the use of their limbs. However, it has progressed rapidly and now it is possible to create advanced BCIs. These BCIs can help people control their robotic limbs. In some cases, the function of paralyzed limbs can be restored.

Robots can be used for various purposes. They can be used for basic services such as distributing medicines automatically and even complicated work such as surgeries. Another prime use of robotics is in the creation of exoskeletons. Exoskeletons can help people walk even if their legs do not function anymore.

Point-Of-Care Diagnostics
Patient empowerment is a serious issue in healthcare especially when it comes to diagnostics. Mobile technology and diagnostic tools are rapidly advancing. While still in the infant stage, this technology can help the patients perform their own diagnostics. Such tools will be non-invasive and can be held in the hand.

Patients can perform their diagnosis from their homes. Doctors will get the information from the device and can prescribe the necessary treatments remotely. Therefore, medical treatment will be improved as there will not be any reason to visit a doctor simply for diagnosis.

Technology can be of great help when it comes to healthcare. Of course, some time is required before the latest medical technologies become good enough for daily use.