5 Top Stress Relief Techniques

Stress Relief Techniques

Photo By Alan Cleaver

Some people seem to thrive on stressful situations and are at their happiest when they have lots to do and very little time in which to do it. Other people are the exact opposite: they find that stress has a negative effect on their minds and bodies and if they allow it to build up without doing something to relieve the tension they feel, they can experience significant health issues.

If you belong to the second group of people, check out my 5 top tips for stress relief today and make sure that you deal with the problem whilst you still can.

  1. Take a trip to a health and beauty spa. Even if you have so much work to do that it seems like madness to take a day off, do it anyway. Spend the day being pampered whilst thinking about nothing in particular and you will be amazed at the results. If you find that having your muscles manipulated by a qualified masseur or masseuse really helps you to relax, you could try to convince your partner to attend one of the massage courses in Brisbane, Sydney or any other major city where they are held on a regular basis. Having a personal therapist at your beck and call every day could do wonders for your stress levels.
  1. Turn off your mobile phone, switch off the TV and don’t go near your PC. A day without digital distractions, when you can read a good book, listen to soothing music or just sit there and meditate on your life, could be exactly what you need to prepare yourself for the busy days and weeks that lie ahead. We have become so reliant on modern technology these days that it is difficult to imagine life without our digital friends. However, a day or two away from them will do you no harm and could do you the power of good.
  1. Learn how to meditate. I mentioned meditation in the above point and if you would like to make sure that your stress levels never reach a point where emergency action is required, it could be worth learning some basic meditational techniques that you can use in your daily life. Many people say that they have no time to meditate, but this is simply not true. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing shower or sitting in a train waiting to arrive at your place of work, you can take advantage of the time you have available by emptying your mind and focusing on the present moment.
  1. Make a note of your worries. If there is something that is really bothering you, it can help to get it down on paper. Just the act of writing, or indeed typing your thoughts in a text file on your computer, can reduce your stress levels and make you feel more in control of your life.
  1. Work out on a regular basis. Incorporating 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise into your daily routine, or more at a greater intensity if you have the time, can help to reduce the stress in your life. Health experts have been telling us that regular exercise can help to relieve tension for years but most of us have decided to ignore their advice and are now suffering the consequences.

These 5 suggestions could really help you to feel better about yourself and more able to cope with whatever life throws at you in the future. Just the act of thinking about ways in which you can better care for your mind and body will have a positive effect.