5 Warning Signs Of A Deadly Disease Men Shouldn’t Ignore

5 Warning Signs of a Deadly Disease Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Prostate cancer is a scary and very discomforting disease to treat. Many times it goes unnoticed until surgery is required. Just like women have regular checkups for breast cancer, once men pass the age of 40 they should also have routine checkups for prostate cancer. It arises in an area of the body that goes unseen most of the time and unless there is pain you will probably not notice any early warning signs. There are symptoms of prostate cancer that you can watch out for however that can serve as an early warning of potential problems. Being aware of these symptoms, as well as getting regular checkups, will help to catch it in time for treatment.

1. Trouble Urinating

One early sign is going to the bathroom. If you are having trouble urinating this could be a sign of prostate cancer. This includes weak or slow flowing, irregular timing, and anything that is out of the norm for that matter from all of your years in existence. Also, check for any blood in your urine and any discoloration at all. Don’t worry if it’s just too dark – you probably just need to drink more water – but pay attention for any red or orange discolorations.

2. Lower Back Pain

When cancer begins to grow it will start to affect the organs in the surrounding area. The prostate is tucked up in a sensitive area of the body, if you begin to notice pain in your hips and or lower back this might be worth getting checked out if it prolongs. Going to the bathroom and sitting down may also affect your level of comfort. If there is a persisting pain in your lower torso region, go and see a doctor to make sure everything is clear it’s always better safe than sorry especially when it comes to your body and its natural functions.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

This has also been linked to prostate cancer. When speaking to your doctor about this problem make sure he screens you for prostate cancer. Any tumors or cancerous regions can affect the blood flow in that area. Your erectile dysfunction could be a direct result of this.

4. Heritage

It has been shown the men of African heritage are at far higher risk of getting prostate cancer and also having more aggressive and sever cases of it as well. There has been no evidence that supports why this is other than the statistics themselves showing this to be true. If you come from a heritage or background more susceptible to certain diseases, make sure to pay attention to their symptoms so that you can be ahead of the game.

5. Weakness or Numbness

Losing feeling in your feet or legs or even loss of bladder control is a sign that you are losing control of organs and nerves in your lower body. If it is just your lower body that is being affected, prostate cancer could be a culprit. It symptoms and side effects are normally concentrated around your lower torso and even legs. If you have the tingly effect and are often feeling weak, too weak to walk then something could be pushing up on your spinal cord and causing this.

Once men reach the age of 40 a lot of funny things start happening to the body. If you have problems that persist over time it is always best to have your doctor give you a check-up. The worst thing that could happen is he tells you everything is ok!

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This article was written by Nick Quinlan. Nick has spent the past few years working as a EMT and plans to attend medical school in the near future. He also is a professional writer for Rejuve Health Clinics. To view more of his work, check out his Google+.