5 Ways To Live To 100

As technology advances and new products, techniques, and information are available more people are able to live to be 100. Referred to as a “centenarian”, the number of people expected to live past 100 has been on a continuous rise year after year for the 3 previous decades. Currently there are an estimated 60,000 centenarian’s alive and well. Who has the best chance to live past 100? Females are a significant portion of those centenarians and make up roughly 80% of people who live to 100.

5 Ways To Live To 100

1. Exercise – Exercise has proven to extend life by helping people become healthier overall. Exercises can improve coordination, muscle strength, bone support, cardiovascular health and so much more. It is recommended to take part in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every single day. Moderate exercise is considered about 60-70% of your maximal heart rate. This can be achieved through many various forms of exercising such as running, swimming, walking, playing sports, strength training and more.

2. Diet & Nutrition – This is an important component to preparing yourself to live past a century. In order to live to be 100, you must have a good diet that is high in healthy nutrients. Avoid high fat meals, fast food, processed foods and aim to eat meals with high amounts of fruits and vegetables. This can give you the healthiest, most pure form of energy coming from the best foods for you to eat.

3. Social Interactions – How To Live To Be 100 entails being a social butterfly, not really, but you get the point. Daily social interactions with people whether it be family or friends can help stimulate your mind to keep you attuned mentally. Being around other people can help to enhance your moods which could lead to a decreased risk for many mental illnesses like depression, schizophrenia, alzheimer’s and more which leads me into my next point.

4. Mental Health – Your mental health plays a key role in one of the ways to live to 100. People may not recognize it but mental stability may be the first sign that a person is starting to near a deabilitating health state.

5. Genetics – They play an important role and is one of the ways to live to 100 that is out of your control. Take a look at close and even distant relatives to see how long they have lived. The longer they have lasted, the better chance you have to live past the century marker.

There are many factors that can influence How To Live To Be 100. The best thing you can do is live a healthy life and make sure that you’re happy. If you’re happy with your life it does not matter how old you are because you can accomplish everything in life that you want to. Be yourself, stay happy, eat well, exercises and time will be on your side.

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