6 Energy Drinks Ingredients List

Energy Drink Ingredients can be different among different companies and brands of energy drinks. However, most of the drinks contain some key ingredients that can provide you with that energy burst at your 1 o’clock feeling right after lunch.
If you look at the key energy drink contents among the most popular drinks such as Red Bulls, Monsters, Rockstars and so on, you will notice repeated energy drink contents.

Energy Drinks Ingredients List

There are all kinds of different substances depending on the specific brand of energy drinks. However, if you actually notice what they contain on the nutrition label you will begin to find  some common ingredients. Below is an Energy Drinks Ingredients List of some common substances found in them:

1. Taurine
2. Ginseng
3. Black Tea Extract
4. Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12
5. L-Carnitine
6. Caffeine

How Does Taurine Work In The Body?

Taurine is found naturally in foods that we eat everyday like meats, fish, milk and even as a dietary supplement like energy drinks contents. Taurine has been shown to have a variety of effects on the body ranging from the brains neurological development to regulating water and mineral levels within your body.

There have been studies published that indicate taurine mixed with caffeine can actually improve mental concentration and performance. Athletes have been using taurine for decades because of the potential physical and mental health benefits that can improve athletic performance.

Once you drink taurine which is part of energy drinks contents then it gets absorbed in your stomach and into your bloodstream. Once it reaches the bloodstream, taurine has access to all parts of your body to affect you.

Taurine is naturally made in the body’s pancreas but can also be supplemented. Being one of the most common on the energy drinks ingredients list it is responsible for a lot of the effects you may feel from drinking it. Taurine has the following effects on normal healthy human functioning:

1. Cardiovascular function
2. Development of skeletal muscle
3. Retina (Eye) development
4. Central nervous system development

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