All About Mediterranean Diet Foods

All About Mediterranean Diet Foods

Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes have been getting a lot of attention in the news recently because of a few studies that were recently published. Doctors and scientists proved that the Mediterranean Diet can affect your health in a positive way. These benefits range from healthy heart benefits to lowering your chance of cancer. These are tremendous claims but let’s look deeper into how these types of foods can have such amazing health benefits. 

Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet originates on foods that are inspired by Italy, Greece and Spain. This diet involves consuming adequate amounts of “Mediterranean foods”. This diet focuses on foods that are often low in saturated fat, and high in dietary fiber and monounsaturated fats.

Combining these types of food properties together consistently has proven to be beneficial especially compared to some other diets. The Mediterranean diet has a study funded by the United States Government that proves data pointing towards a healthier way of eating with this diet.

With this diet you will gain large amounts of antioxidants and flavinoids. These substances can be found in many fruits and have been gaining more popularity regarding their potential health benefits.Mediterranean Diet Foods

 The Mediterranean Diet is largely based around plants and plant based foods. The advantage that you attain from this type of diet is high amounts of fiber. Fiber is a key component to the health benefits of Mediterranean diet menus.

What makes fiber so healthy for you? Fiber has been studied for many years and has proven to provide the following health benefits with sufficient amounts in your diet:

US Health Guidelines recommend the average person to aim to eat roughly 25-30 grams of dietary fiber every day.

1. Lowers cholesterol
2. Helps to maintain healthy bowel movements
3. Lowers blood glucose levels (Diabetes)

Mediterranean Diet Foods

Below is a list of the top Mediterranean diet foods that you can involve in any of your recipes.

1. Fish & Poultry – Try to aim for two to three servings of fish per week. Fish & poultry just about completely eliminate red meats within this diet.

2. Healthy Fats – The main source of any fat within the Mediterranean diet is olive oil. Butter and margarine are virtually eliminated because of extra virgin olive oil containing so many substances known to improve health.

3. Dairy – Low amounts can be allowed in the diet however keep in mind of using low fat or fat free products instead.

4. Fruits & Vegetables – These should be consumed in very large amounts, ranging from 8-11 servings per day.

5. Beverages – One glass of wine per day is permitted on the Mediterranean diet plan. It has powerful antioxidants and flavinoids that have been associated with better heart health.

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