Amazing New Discovery – Dementia & Memory Loss Treatment

  A new possible treatment for Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases may have finally met its match, and it is truly shocking, literally. Research and technology has led the way for a possible treatment of dementia and memory loss beyond using just medications. For the first time ever, United States’ research companies are starting to experiment with brain “pacemakers” as a viable option for treating memory loss. Brain “pacemaker” implants are not completely new technology, as some 50,000-100,000 people in this world already use the for certain movement disorders. These electrodes are implanted in the brain and controlled by a unit that sends out specific electrical impulses which in turn can tell the brain to perform multiple tasks.


In this treatment for Alzheimer’s, which is the main cause of memory loss for the elderly, patients must undergo brain surgery to have the pacemaker implanted. The device is battery powered near the patient’s collar bone. This will send shocks and electrical impulses up and down from the collarbone, through the neck up to the brain to have an open access of neural networks active for long periods of time, even if a neurodegenerative disease is present.


 Dementia by definition is literally losing the ability to perform cognitive tasks such as writing or speaking, and losing the ability to keep memories both short and long term. Anyone who knows someone with this disease knows how frustrating and devastating such a disease can cause a person and loved ones. This device is still in it’s primitive testings however it does unlock and show some insight into future treatments for the horrible effects of dementia. The future wave of treatments will most likely involve techniques and therapies aside from pharmaceutical medications. Pharmaceutical drugs often have many side effects and they can not reverse or block any effects of dementia. New devices and treatments are on the horizon that can change the way we treat memory loss with a goal of one day finally being able to rid the entire world of every developing any type of neurodegenerative diseases.Find out more Health Info about new treatments and discoveries!