Aqua Workouts – Lose Weight and Have Fun

aqua yoga
When it comes to losing weight, most of the people think of hitting the gym every day, spending hours on the treadmill, and eating meagerly. But the good news is, there are different interesting ways of losing weight. Have you heard of aqua workouts? It is a fun way to lose flab during the hot months, when exercising causes a lot of sweating and dehydration. Read on…

As the name suggests, aqua workouts are mostly performed in pools. The experts who will train you on aqua workouts will help you learn the variations of the exercises in water that you regularly do to reduce weight. Thus, it becomes a fun-filled exercise session.

Aqua kickboxing: Like in kickboxing, this form also involves punches, jabs, and kicks. When done in water, kickboxing can truly give a lot of workout to the muscles of your body. It uses all major muscles of the body and burns a lot of calories.

Pilates in the water: Sounds interesting! Pilates focus on strengthening the core muscles. Pilates in water strengthens the muscles of the back and tones up the abs. Side lying crunches and stretches are interesting when done in the water. To perform pilates, you may hold the side railings of the pool or the walls.

Aqua Yoga: Aqua Yoga involves a lot of stretches. There are certain yoga poses, which are easier when done in water; buoyancy helps the people to perform these yoga exercises easily. The standing postures like the Tree Pose and the Warrior Pose can be done easily in the water of the pool. Doing yoga in water helps to improve your balance.

Aqua Chi: Tai Chi when done in water is known as Aqua Chi. It is an extremely relaxing and soothing exercise that can tone up the muscles of the entire body. It is also the best type of meditation that you can practice. Doing Tai Chi along the ripples of the water amidst the soothing sounds of the flowing water, is relaxing and rejuvenating.

Aqua Aerobics: Have you ever wondered about the possibility to do aerobics in the water? You can actually jump, skip, hop, and jog in the water. Doing aerobic exercises in water is really soothing and can help to burn some good amount of calories. When you are in the pool, you can really tone up the muscles and burn a lot of  calories to get in shape.

Ask the experts for the type of aqua exercises that you can perform in the water. An expert will be able to train and guide you to do all types of exercises. You will not only be able to lose weight and get in shape faster, you will also enjoy doing these exercises as you will sweat less and will not feel exhausted and tired after a great session of aqua exercises. You need to know the diet plan that you should follow along with the exercises. To lose weight, you need to follow a healthy routine and live a healthy life. There are no magic remedies, you need to have the patience to see the results. However, aqua workouts provide fast results.