Benefits Of Drinking Tea – Better Than Water?

Benefits Of Drinking Tea

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Do you consider yourself a “tea drinker”? Well if you do then I have some good news for you. Recently there has been increased hype regarding the health effects of tea. First, let me be clear there are hundreds, if not thousands specific types of tea. Generally speaking tea itself is composed of water, and added nutrients/ingredients from the specific tea that you choose. Tea is a healthy drink to add to your diet to replace drinks that may be actually damaging your health. Researchers have been working to uncover the true health benefits of drinking tea depending upon specific types of tea.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

1. Replacing your higher calorie and sugar drinks with something that is healthier and more nutritious. Tea rarely contains high amounts of sugar which can help protect you from health risks associated with higher sugar drinks.

2. Antioxidants are in high and sufficient amounts in most tea drinks. Antioxidants have a wide range of health implications from protecting your cells against cancer to promoting heart health. The more antioxidants you can attain from your diet, the better.

3. Losing weight may be tough for some people but if you take the right steps you can take advantage of simple changes to aid in your goals to losing weight. Drinking tea actually creates a stimulative mechanism within your body, stimulating your cells to burn fuel more efficiently and faster. The harder your cells work and the more they burn, the more weight you can lose. Use these stimulative properties of tea to your advantage because with increased energy you can workout harder and longer.

This is just to name a few truly amazing benefits that different types of tea have to offer for everyone. Change your high sugar drink (soda, Gatorade, energy drinks, etc) to something that is more beneficial to your health like Tea.  that can have a huge impact on your overall health.  Be on the look out for future news and research to develop that proves even more health benefits of drinking tea.

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