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Guinea Is Still Reeling Under the Grasp of Ebola


The Ebola outbreak was first declared by the Ministry of Health of Guinea on 22 March 2014. Even after the passage of a year, the disease still holds the country under its grasp. The major reason for this alarming situation

What you should know about Ebola

Ebola virus

The Ebola virus is a fatal epidemic reemerged recently in few West African countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone. The survival rate after contraction the virus varies with age. The disease has killed up to 70% of people who

4 Quick Tips to Treat Simple Eye Disorders

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4 Quick Tips to Treat Simple Eye Disorders Even with universal health care going into effect, sometimes running to the doctor for every little thing is too costly, both time- and money-wise.  To help defray some of those costs, there

MRSA Bacterial Infections | What’s The Danger?

MRSA Bacterial Infections РWhat Is It? MRSA is short for methicillin-resistant staphylcoccus aureus, which in normal terms means a bacteria that is resistant to usual antibiotic treatment. These bacterial infections are difficult to treat because of the resistance to most