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Dementia And Alzheimer’s: How You Can Prevent And Delay The Effects

mindfulness for mental health

With an ageing population and many more people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s as a result, people across the country are keen to lower their risk as much as possible. So is there an answer? Can these diseases be prevented

Natural Ways to Deal with Depression

Deal with Depression

Clinical depression is recognized as a medical disorder and therapists routinely prescribe anti-depressants to help you beat the gloom. But did you know that you can deal with depression naturally as well? Making positive and deliberate changes in your lifestyle

Dealing with Stress through Aromatherapy

Stress And Anxiety

Dealing with Stress through Aromatherapy When you are under a lot of pressure, your body is constantly tense and your mind is racing. Before you know it, stress and anxiety has taken the best of you. Your body’s immune system

Major Depressive Disorder | Avoid Mental Breakdowns

Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis Diagnosis is based on subjective feelings of the person. There are certain criteria that have to be met in order to be diagnosed with Clinical Depression which include the following: 1. Within the same 2 week

Schizoaffective Disorder & You

Schizoaffective Disorder – What Is It? There are false myths out there regarding the ability to live a normal life with certain mental conditions, one of the being Schizoaffective Disorder. Anyone with a mental disorder can overcome the symptoms to

Chemical Imbalances

Chemical Imbalances & Feelings Of Depression Perhaps you’ve recently been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, otherwise known as Depression. Since depression is in the mind, you may be wondering what causes some people to get this disorder and why others

Suffering from Anxiety Disorders – You’re Not Alone!

Anxiety disorders are characterized by a feeling of uneasiness about a certain situation. Feeling anxious about something is a completely normal feeling and everyone experiences anxiety. However, when it becomes a problem is when it starts to interfere with everyday life

How the Neurotransmitter Serotonin Affects Depression

Depression is a mental diagnosis that can be described as repetitive feelings of sadness, miserable, unhappy or just overall “down”. Most of us have feelings of depression based on different life situations however it can become consuming and overcome your