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9 Things you Should Know before Taking Creatine Supplements

supplement with creatine

Photo credit: Creatine is a very popular supplement used by athletes and people who need to bulk up, because it is involved in building muscle mass. However, before you jump on the creatine bandwagon, here are 9 things you

Why Everyone Should Deadlift

proper deadlift form

What is a Deadlift? A deadlift is a compound exercise where a person will lift a barbell, accompanied with weights, off the ground, while gripped with his or her hands. Of course, this is just a quick explanation of the

Useful Tips to Bring Out the Best of Your Physique

strength training

Bringing out the best of your physique isn’t easy – that’s something you have to realize right from the beginning. However, that isn’t to say it isn’t rewarding and beneficial in many ways, for not only will you possess a

How to Get the Body of an Olympic Gymnast

It’s no secret, gymnasts have incredible physiques but how do they achieve those muscles if they don’t lift weights? Their sport requires endurance, speed, balance and agility and I guess you can say that their muscles are as a side