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Yoga and Pranayama For a Healthy Baby

yoga while pregnant

On the off chance that you consume ghee and margarine, you get fat, however in yoga the more ghee and spread you take, the more slender you get to be. Yoga is a course of related activities and postures planned

What Is Hatha Yoga And It’s Benefits

what is hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga, dating back from the early 15th century. In recent years, practice of Hatha Yoga has become more as a great means of improving physical well being by practicing

What is Kundalini Yoga

kundalini awakening

Kundalini Yoga is the powerful practice in yoga philosophy, used to tame the “kundalini shakti” – the serpent power lying dormant in the human being.  This is the highest form of energy in every human being that reveals the ultimate

About Ashtanga Yoga And It’s Benefits

Ashtanga Yoga Poses

Ashtanga Yoga is the eight folded path of yoga in ancient yogic tradition. Sage Patanjali, wrote a text for this yoga, it is called as “Yoga Sutra”.  The ancient way of complete form of yogic life is explained in the

3 Breathing Exercises That Can Lead To A Healthier You

healthy breathing

Breathing is one of the foundational principles of good health. Oxygen can be considered our most vital nutrient. Proper breathing is essential to physiological function of all systems of the body. Many breathing exercises have been developed over the years