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A Little Wine a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


You might’ve already known the many benefits of wine and have perhaps tried chugging a bottle or two just to prove its legitimacy. If only a quick drink can fix our ailments, right? Drinking wine in excessive quantity is, of

The Benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Kim Kardashian arriving at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas. TAO is located inside the Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Pictured: Kim Kardashian
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It wasn’t too long ago that women all over the world dreamed of having the perfect thin body with a perky butt. In fact, this dream still exists today. However, there has been a remarkable change. Firstly, women are once again embracing

Inspiration for a Sleep Friendly Bedroom

Trying To Sleep

Being sleep deprived is up there on the list of one of the worst things in the world. It’s quite a surreal experience where everything is a blur and you’re not too sure what is real. It can make you

Motivating Yourself To Work Out – Achieving Your Ultimate Goal

how to motivate yourself to workout

With summer fast approaching, many of us are looking toward sunnier climates, a  music festival or relaxing holiday, worrying about nothing but the sand between your toes. However, while this is a time of excitement and anticipation, it’s also a

5 Ways To Live To 100

As technology advances and new products, techniques, and information are available more people are able to live to be 100. Referred to as a “centenarian”, the number of people expected to live past 100 has been on a continuous rise