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6 Effective Ways to Massively Improve your Memory

I guess the only thing that the world agrees on is the need for world peace. Add memory to that list. I particularly had a very poor memory. I could hardly remember my timetable or birthday. My friend’s names were

Testosterone Booster Pills: Do They Really Work?


Whether flipping through an issue of Men’s Health Magazine or scrolling Facebook, you’re sure to see an ad touting the benefits of taking a testosterone supplement.  Whether wanting to get bigger, stronger, or ramp up one’s libido, apparently if you’re

Innovative Practices to Make Children Healthy

 Everyone knows that healthier kids perform much better on tests and they stay more attentive in their classes. They are less absent and have great self-esteem. Before taking things into consideration, you need to understand the challenge. Kids, mainly spend

Upping the Spirits – Beating Away Winter Blues

upping the spirits

The dark, dreary winter weather can really dampen your spirits, but if you eat healthy food that provides the right nutrients, you can lift your mood and beat the winter blues. Proteins, vitamins and minerals can really do the trick.

Best Natural Ways to Overcome Addiction

In addition to medications and over-the-counter remedies, there are many different natural ways that an individual can try to overcome an addiction of any kind, whether it’s an addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or even food. The key to any

How to Manage Stress With Nutritious Food and Herbs?

manage stress with

People will surely have stress at one point of their lives. Stress is actually an important survival mechanism and can be beneficial to our health if managed properly. However, most stressors in our life isn’t life-threatening and people who are

10 Smart Ways To Boost Memory And Brainpower

ways to boost memory

The brain is like a parachute, it works only when open. This popular quote clearly indicates how important it is to keep your brain working while preventing it from getting numb. Increased stress, poor diet and trauma may all add

Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

What is one of the biggest benefits of meditation? Stress alleviation. The deep relaxation encountered throughout the exercise of the Transcendental Meditation technique permits the body to organically melt stress and tension. After studying the TM technique, it is usual

Why Hypnosis Could Work Better in Treating Stress Than Meditation?

hypnosis and stress

Stress impacts everything and it is probably the most serious psychological problem in modern society. It could trigger multiple new physical diseases, including heart attacks and diabetes. Stress also causes sadness, rage, anger and eventually depressions. It kills our enjoyment

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Massage

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Massage

For thousands of years, massage has been used for many purposes. In ancient China, it was used for pain relief, as well as treating a range of physical ailments. In ancient India, massage was believed to balance the body’s energy