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Concussion: Dangers And Symptoms


Concussion is the lightest form of skull or brain trauma, but can be one of the most dangerous, as it is not often recognized because the injury that causes it can seem minor. First Responders After a fall or a

4 Essential Characteristics Of A Good Personal Trainer

personal trainer

When it comes to reaching weight loss and fitness goals, the best way to do this is get professional help from a personal trainer. While this may cost you, the benefits that come along are worth it. A trainer not

Back to Basic Exercises to Tone your Backside

back exercises for women

The bare back season is here, and we aren’t talking about horse riding! As the temperature soars and necklines plunge, it’s time to give your back as much attention as your décolletage. A toned back just begs to be bared…

Rich Magnesium Foods To Better Your Health

foods rich in magnesium

Why Eating Magnesium Rich Foods Has It’s Benefits Magnesium is single handedly the most important mineral our body needs. It’s also one of the most over looked mineral by the average person. Magnesium deficiency can be responsible for more diseases

The Physical Effects of Brain Pills

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The Physical Effects of Brain Pills For transitory upgrades of the mind, most individuals would depend on the force of cerebrum pills. Cerebrum pills could be all-regular supplements or artificially generated medications that might be purchased over the counter or

3 Breathing Exercises That Can Lead To A Healthier You

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Breathing is one of the foundational principles of good health. Oxygen can be considered our most vital nutrient. Proper breathing is essential to physiological function of all systems of the body. Many breathing exercises have been developed over the years

5 Healthcare Tips For Old Folks

The demographic structure across countries is witnessing tremendous changes. Studies suggest that by 2030, the percentage of people aged 65+ will be at least 24% in Europe and 12% in Asia & Latin America. By 2050, there will be at

Too Much Sodium – A Silent Killer?

Too Much Sodium  – Are You A Victim? Too Much Sodium in your diet is more common than you think. Sodium is in almost every type of food and is used in higher amounts to preserve food. Preserved foods and

Surprising Secrets to Living Past 100!

People who live past 100 tend to be slow agers and can be contributed to many different reasons. I am here to uncover some tips and recommendations that can increase your chances of living to 100. Many people believe that