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Herbal medicine and rituals are a part and parcel of primary healthcare in many African countries in the 21st Century. This form of treatment is used as acute for disease such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, that we know is difficult

How to Manage Stress With Nutritious Food and Herbs?

manage stress with

People will surely have stress at one point of their lives. Stress is actually an important survival mechanism and can be beneficial to our health if managed properly. However, most stressors in our life isn’t life-threatening and people who are

Control Pests Naturally with Traps, Herbs and Vegetables

all natural pest control

Natural Substances Many homeowners are concerned about insects and rodents invading their homes, especially in the summer. Instead of using professional extermination methods with volatile chemicals that leave a residue on surfaces and in the air, they want to find

Eczema Treatment With The Horse Chestnut

horse chestnut benefits

The horse chestnut is also known by the name Aesculus Indica. This tree is grown mostly in the Balkan forests in a natural way, and because of that it is very effective in the treatment of many health problems. And

9 of The Best Spices That Will Improve Your Brain Health

ways to improve your memory

Believe it or not but your brain has the ability to change, adapt, and improve in more ways than one. Neuroplasticity is what it’s called when the human brain reshapes itself and its ability to learn new information improves. When

Are Hormones to blame for Acne?

Hormonal Acne

Acne is at the top of the list for frustrating and demoralizing symptoms of hormonal changes and fluctuations in a woman’s body during her adult life. It can be caused by a variety of things but hormones are the most

No-cost And Quick Eye Beauty Tips!?

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When it comes to health and beauty, we all have our ingrained rituals: hair, skin, teeth – we all know the morning routine. However, sometimes it’s the smaller things that can make all the difference, and it’s these smaller things

What Is Ginkgo Biloba

What Is Ginkgo Biloba Used For What Is Ginkgo Biloba Used For? I’m sure you’ve heard many claims about the use of this herbal product. Ginkgo Biloba is used in many herbal teas, enhanced waters, drinks, and even as a supplement.