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The Regional Health Report of African Nations


The first report ‘Health of the People’ mainly focuses on the health of 750 million people in regions of Africa. When acknowledging the fact that Africa challenges the world’s health crisis, this report provides hope which overtime can address health

10 Ways to Improve Healthcare Cyber Security

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  Healthcare related cyber security issues are common today. The unprepared healthcare industry has become a soft target for hacker attacks. Cyber security threat is growing rapidly in the last few years. Consequently, potential cyber security threats need to be

Staying Energized With Hypothyroidism

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One of the main symptoms of hypothyroidism is fatigue. A significantly large secretion of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) can make you sleepy and tired. There are ways to fight that and a person diagnosed with the problem can stay fit, happy,

Preparing A Nutrition Chart – How To Get Started?

A Nutrition Chart

Fad diets, diet pills, junk food boycott with all these insane advices people often forget about healthy eating. The best nutrition guidelines are to consume, fiber rich, protein rich, vitamin rich food. But, how many dos know how healthy food

Mediterranean Diet Is Not All Bad, Eat Responsibly

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Be it pizza and pasta from Italy or pita from Greece, do you ever consider these delicacies healthy? Most of the time people mistake Mediterranean diet for true healthy diet. However, in reality Mediterranean food is rich in the likes

Financing Health What the Future Holds

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The poorest continent that has so many poor countries and a lot of preventable diseases undoubtedly is Africa. With 11 percent of the whole population of the world living in the sub-Saharan Africa, this area is burdened with twenty four percent


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Herbal medicine and rituals are a part and parcel of primary healthcare in many African countries in the 21st Century. This form of treatment is used as acute for disease such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, that we know is difficult

An FAQ on Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is a very popular type of treatment to remove unsightly hairs, mainly on the facial area. Basically, an infrared light is sent into the hair follicle, which gets disabled through the heat. Before you search for the

What to Look for in a Good Dental Equipment Supply Company


It is hugely important as a dentist to have the right dental equipment. This means you should only work with a supply company that you trust to deliver high quality equipment at all times. Finding this supplier may take a

Vaping Hardware Simplified

So you’ve given up smoking and taken up the vape pen. Good for you–now your clothes don’t stink. Only problem is the smooth-talking jerk at the corner vape shop set your pen up for you and pushed you out the