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Get Muscular On A Raw Food Diet

benefits of raw foods

When people think of a raw food diet, they usually do not associate it with a diet that can sustain someone who is looking to gain muscle. Most people think that raw food diets do not supply enough protein for

What to Eat During Ramadan – Breaking the Fast at Iftar with Great Gusto

Traditional Ramadan Foods

Ramadan is celebrated on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and in 2014 it’s estimated to commence on Saturday, June 14. A Brief Overview of Ramadan Ramadan lasts for 28-29 days depending on the sight of the moon and

Basics about Fat You Eat

saturated fast

Fat is one of the primary energizing nutrients in food. In addition to being a good source of energy, fat has a number of other functions in the body so that we can depend on to eat a certain amount

Protein Intake in Healthy Lifestyle

protein intake

Proteins are one of the energizing nutrients our body needs. Although it gives you energy, it does not affect your blood sugar.  Proteins are made up of 20 different amino acids, by acting together in different ways with different functions.

6 Easy to Follow Tips for 6 Weeks of Dieting


You do not need to count fat grams or calories any more. All you need to do is to prepare your menu the way it should be by following our recommendations below. 1. As for a beginning, you should avoid

Eating Low Carb Foods within Your Low Carb Diet

low carb diet

Yes, I have heard many people avoiding the low carb diet for their weight loss plan for the reason they do not find too many foods to combine in order to obtain a yummy healthy menu. The way the meals

Tips for Healthy Weight Loss Meal Planning

Healthy Diet Plan

Eating healthy is simply not about strict dietary limitations, depriving you away from the food you love or simply stay unrealistically thin. Rather it is all about feeling great, getting more energy and making your mood very much stable. If

Energy Boosting Foods to Help You Make It through the Day

natural energy boosting foods

Has it happened to you while being at work to feel that your body gets all drained of its energy and you feel sleepy and in need of lying down? Well, you are not the only one and when this

Control and Lower Cholesterol Levels with the Right Diets

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You have probably heard of the damages that high levels of cholesterol can bring to the body, but what not many people know is that cholesterol comes in two types: the good cholesterol (medically termed as HDL – High Density

Find Out More about the Health Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

health benefits of eating mushrooms

I don’t know people who are not very enthusiastic about consuming mushrooms although there are a few who claim they feel sick right after eating these fungi as edible as they prove to be. Speaking of edible, mushrooms in their