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How Drinking Alcohol Affects Men’s Health

man drinking alcohol

Nowadays, it is rather difficult to find a man who doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages at all. Drinking beer or whisky for most men is a possibility to relax. However, alcohol is an insidious substance – on the one hand, a

How Important Is ‘The Beauty Sleep’?


Sleepless nights can take a bad toll on your skin. The skin looks dull, there are dark circles under the eyes, and visible fine lines appear. Your complexion also looks sickly. According to dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad, the more a

How Long Can You Keep and Use Your Makeup Products?


How long have you been using your lipstick? Check the shelf life of the cosmetic products that you are using and get rid of the ones that are too old. Remember, the liquid-based makeup products do not last a long

Which Night-Time Regime Is Affecting Your Skin?

ready-to-go to sleep

Do you consider your night time routines healthy? Think what you do during the evening or before you go to bed. The list may include a hot shower, watch a movie, or brush your teeth. Even if you think that

Eat Right to Get Flawless and Healthy Skin

Skin Tone

Every girl wants flawless skin, and you are no exception. There are ways you can get flawless skin by getting rid of pimples, dark spots, and dark circles. People with dry skin will understand how itchy it feels. Oily skin

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

how to get rid of stretch marks

What Exactly Are Stretch Marks? Stretch marks are tiny lines visible on the human body that occur as a result of tissue tearing from under skin layer due to rapid growth or over stretching in the skin. When weakness occur

Skin Pigmentation Problems: Causes and Possible Treatments

Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation simply means the coloring of the skin. Melanin is the skin pigment that determines our skin color. If the cells producing melanin become damaged, that can affect melanin production. This, in turn, can have an effect on the

Treat Skin Problems With Vinegar And Bleach Baths


Bleach and vinegar baths have many uses, from relieving eczema to treating skin disorders such as Epidermolysis bullosa. In fact, the Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America recommends bleach and vinegar baths as a way to kill bacteria on

Eye Cream Ingredients And What You Use

skin cream

One of the most defining and noticeable feature of a person is their eyes. They convey emotion, intent, or even a way to assess the state of your health. We use them to communicate with others and eye contact is

How To Take Care Of Your Skin

how to take care of your skin

We take care of our teeth, hair and overall body, but we think very little about taking care of our skin. Most of us do not even understand the meaning of skin care. Only bathing and clean body with soap