Control Pests Naturally with Traps, Herbs and Vegetables

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Many homeowners are concerned about insects and rodents invading their homes, especially in the summer. Instead of using professional extermination methods with volatile chemicals that leave a residue on surfaces and in the air, they want to find a natural pest control method. Before there were man-made insecticides and poisons to eliminate rodents and insects, people used natural substances such as herbs or flowers to prevent vermin invasions. Many rodents and insects are becoming resistant to store-bought sprays, making it more difficult to control the population of invasive vermin. Reverting back to old-fashioned methods to get rid of invaders or prevent invasion in the first place is becoming popular again.

Humane Traps

Using pest removal devices to get rid of wildlife with humane trapping is a natural pest control method that does not use harmful chemicals. Catching wildlife of any variety is often controlled in many geographic areas for several reasons. Occasionally, wild animals lurking in attics, walls or basements are a protected species due to scarcity. Contacting a professional with licensing in trapping wildlife is necessary to identify the animal while capturing it without receiving an injury. Any wild animal can attack a person when it feels it is in danger, leading to conditions such as rabies that has no treatment. Wildlife can leave diseases such as Hanta virus in its body waste on floors and walls.

Relocating Animals

A wildlife expert will capture reptiles, birds and mammals in humane cages before transporting the live animals to designated areas. The expert can advise homeowners about the best way to prevent animals from entering buildings again. This includes sealing chimneys with caps or covering holes around utility lines. Pest removal is also necessary for insects such as spiders or bees. There are bee and wasp experts who can remove hives or nests to new areas where the insects can continue as part of nature. Many homeowners choose to capture nonpoisonous spiders to release the creatures outside where the insects control the population of flies and beetles.

Homemade Sprays

There are vegetables and herbs that are perfect for natural pest control to avoid contaminating a home with chemicals that cause side effects in humans. Ants commonly invade homes in the summer, but this insect dislikes cucumbers. Homeowners can place diced cucumber near areas where ants enter in a kitchen to reduce insect invasions. To eliminate cockroaches from a home, sprinkle boric acid mixed with either flour or sugar near baseboards where the insects enter. The cockroaches will consume the mixture, but the boric acid kills the insects. Alternatively, it is possible to make a homemade spray from clove, penny royal or mint essential oil to apply near the insect’s entrance ways.

Author Bio: This post comes from Aew, who has used natural pest control methods to rid her home of termites and other pests. She recommends this article on the AEPMA, which lays down some good ground rules for pest control.