Dining Out With Food Allergies – Some Helpful Tips

food allergies

Most of the people love to eat out. But there are people who have food allergies and intolerances to certain food, which holds them from enjoying eating out with friends and families. The good news is, they can definitely enjoy a great eating out. It will not be a dangerous, scary, and stressful time to eat out with friends and the family members. Sometimes, there is a hidden ingredient, that can trigger an allergic reaction. You can be exposed to an ingredient that can suddenly cause an allergic reaction in the body.

Some of the restaurants are very accommodating for the people with food allergies. The staffs working at these restaurants  are trained to make food for people with allergies. They maintain proper preparation surface and do not expose the ingredients to things that cause allergic reactions in the body. Food allergies and food intolerances are two different things. However, both the allergy and intolerances can be uncomfortable. Given below are certain tips that can help you to avoid allergies when you are dining out:

  • Do some homework: before you visit a restaurant, you should find out whether you should visit a particular restaurant or not. The restaurants are rated based on the comments and feedback of the people with food allergies and intolerances. Find out how well the restaurant accommodates people with food allergies. You should also check the menu of the restaurants and call them to make sure that it is the right place for you to go.
  • Inform about your food allergies: When you are at the restaurant, you must let the staffs (who take your orders) know that you have food allergies and that you are intolerant to certain food products and ingredients. Make sure that you are assured that they know what exactly you should be served. The restaurant should be well equipped to handle food allergies.
  • Talk to the staffs: If possible, ask the staffs and the chefs about the ingredients that are being used in the dishes that you are ordering. They should be able to suggest you on the menu that is safe for your condition. Not everyone has the same kind of allergy. So, you need to ask specific questions. Once you are satisfied with their answers, you should place your order for food.

Double check the ingredients when the food is brought to the table. You may ask the staff once again about the ingredients that are there in the food that you ordered. This would allow you to avoid all the inconveniences that you’d otherwise get when you eat the food with the wrong ingredients.

Stick to eating whole, simple foods when you are eating out. This is one good way to avoid ingredients that you are allergic to. Do not take food that have been processed in any way. Avoid taking sauces, dips, marinated items, and desserts that may contain ingredients, which can trigger allergic reactions.

You must not hesitate to leave the restaurant if you are not convinced. If you are not comfortable with the answers of the staffs of the restaurant, you should politely walk out and look for another restaurant to eat.