Drinking Coffee And Weight Loss – Myth Or Fact

Attention Coffee Drinkers! This just in!!….

Drinking Coffee and help promote weight loss along with many other health benefits of drinking coffee!

Are you like 85% of Americans who consume coffee on a regular basis? If so, consider this, coffee actually contains many compounds and nutrients that are attributed to many health benefits. There has been growing interest and research conducted that indicates coffee drinkers are at less of a risk to develop the following conditions:

– Type 2 Diabetes
– Dementia
– Cardiovascular Diseases
– Parkinson’s Disease
– Strokes
– Certain Cancers
– Weight Loss

Health Benefits Of Coffee Research

However, do not get too excited yet because these are all claims that are still in progress. They are not yet proven for a 100% fact but there has been research pointing towards these health benefits of drinking coffee. Regarding the studies that have been done there could have been other factors that influenced the health of coffee drinkers. For example, some people may have already had been in good health beginning the study.

There has not been a proven cause and effect relationship regarding these claims of coffee. People who were enrolled in the studies may have other advantages such as a good diet, regularly exercise or genetic influences. Before jumping to conclusion do not start chugging down pots of coffee everyday. These are still preliminary results but the research currently underway are providing the public with a deeper insight to the health benefits of drinking coffee.

Coffee And Weight Loss

How can coffee help you achieve and maintain weight loss? Coffee contains caffeine which I’m sure you know is what gives you symptoms like increased focus, more energy, decreased fatigue because it acts as a stimulant. Any stimulant that you ingest will lead to increased metabolism which in turns helps to burn fat faster.

The caffeine stimulates your cells and heart rate to work in conjuction that is responsible for the effects of drinking coffee. Keep in mind that the stimulative effects of coffee and weight loss is a theory and no studies have been published to date that show a cause and effect relationship. Coffee is America’s favorite drink so for all of you coffee drinkers, give it a try and see what happens to your weight.

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