Eating Low Carb Foods within Your Low Carb Diet

low carb dietYes, I have heard many people avoiding the low carb diet for their weight loss plan for the reason they do not find too many foods to combine in order to obtain a yummy healthy menu. The way the meals taste plays an important part for anyone involved in a weight loss diet and if you still want to stick to this diet, then take a look at the foods you can consume to diversify the meals and enjoy eventually this diet.

It is important to choose those combinations that match your own tastes, because there are many choices of low carb foods, the thing is that you need to find those combinations that work for your taste buds.

Now let’s see the foods low in carbs and you decide which ones are the best:

  • Fish is considered the best for low carb diet and you can improvise here by choosing from a wide range of types. So, do not restrict to the ones that everybody knows, instead go with any of the following: trout, Alskan halibut, orange roughy, sea bass, wild caught salmon, mackerel, and cod. Choose as well the shellfish that include shrimp, scallops, clams, crab and lobster.
  • Eggs along with egg whites come as the best choices for your low carb breakfasts. But this doesn’t mean that you have to stick merely to chicken eggs and diversify with duck eggs or quail eggs.
  • Speaking of chicken, again you have choices of poultry such as goose, turkey and ducks. It is however important to consider the ones that haven’t been grown with hormones and antibiotics. At this point, the wild bird meat may be a better choice and opt for pheasant, wild quail and wild turkey.
  • Red meat comes as an important food with a low carb diet because it can bring in the necessary protein to maintain your body healthy. The choices are: deer meat, lamb or venison along with cattle that has been fed with grass and not with growth hormones or treated with antibiotics.
  • Vegetables come in a wide range from celery, lettuce, cucumbers to mushrooms, asparagus and cauliflower. They are all rich in nutrients and you can always find recipes to combine them with the right meats and still enjoy your low carb meal at its most.

You can always add oils to your chosen salads, but these ones should be any of the following: canola oil, flaxseed oil and virgin olive oil. As to the fruits, they can be healthy choices of snacks at any part of the day to include raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. However, watch for carbohydrates intake for that day prior to consuming them since they have sugar as well in their natural state.

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