Fighting Flu And Fighting Fit

Catching the flu is rubbish at the best of times – you want to call in to work sick, but can barely reach the phone; you loll around on your settee, shivering but somehow too warm; your head spins and you throw up more times than the most hungover man in the world; and, as the sun sets on a wasted, ill-ridden day, you find that you’re too sick to even fall asleep.

Rubbish, indeed. And, even though we’re out of wintertime, it’s still necessary to protect yourself from the potentially ravaging effects of influenza. More than this, the damage that the flu can cause is nothing to be sneezed at –the NHS claims that more than 600 people die from seasonal flu complications every year.

With the summer raring up to its peak, now is about the time that people get lax in shielding themselves from germs and disease. So, here are a few ways that you can keep yourself fit and free of the flu.

Keep Those Digits Desirable

You probably don’t regularly consider how many germs your hands pick up, but it mounts to the thousands.

Filthy coins in your pocket, public transport used by thousands of people in a day, or crowded spaces filled people coughing up a lung over surfaces – it’s amazing that your hands don’t pick up more germs.

Indeed, the world is a cleanliness hazard at the best of times, and without an effective hand hygiene plan, your digits will be filthier than pig swill by the end of a day. Ensure that you wash those palms and fingers as frequently as possible, especially after using anti-hygiene hotbeds like public transport.

Effective hand washing has a knack to it – you have to ensure you’re using hot water and anti-bacterial soap, then scrub every part of your hand, even under the fingernails. That way, all that nasty bacteria will be neutralised and you’ll be safe from flu for another day.

Make Orange Your Color Of Choice

Orange is the new black, or at least it should be if you want vitamins to fight the flu. Boosting your immune system, the vitamin C found in oranges can keep you fighting fit.

The average adult needs around 40mg of the stuff every day as part of their healthy, balanced diet to maintain good health, although regularly exceeding this dosage could lead to flatulence, stomach pains and diarrhea, so be keep your intake balanced.

Make Good Health Your Priority

The easiest way to stop the flu knocking at your door is to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Get all the vitamins and minerals you need, exercise regularly and avoid cigarettes and alcohol to keep your immune system battling at the top of its game.