Flu Survival Kit Ways to Beat the Flu!

The flu can be some of the hardest days you have to deal with  especially if you work. The H1N1 flu virus was considered a pandemic breakout all over the country just a few years ago. Besides trying to call off and find coverage, and even losing money if you don’t have paid sick days, you have to deal with the symptoms of the flu including which we all know is not so much fun:

Fevers, chills, fatigue, nausea,lack of appetite, head aches, body pains, running nose, itchy watery eyes, cough and so on.

If you didn’t know, flu strains actually change their composition every single year. When your immune system naturally wards off the flu after a few days, your body becomes resistant to that specific strain of the flu. For example, if you caught the H1N1 flu this year, the virus strain that caused you the flu will only be around for this specific year.

Next year, that virus strain that affected you the previous year will undergo a process call mitigation, where the DNA of that virus strain changes just enough to where your body no longer finds that strain recognizable.  This means your body cannot effectively fight these new strains of the flu because your immune system has never seen the new strains. The H1N1 flu virus immunization that was given a few years ago has changed currently to a whole new strain because of the changes in the virus DNA composition.

 This is where your Flu Survival Kit can come into play as a preventative measure. Even if you begin to start feeling symptoms of the flu, the most important factor is to begin these treatments at the very first sign or symptom of the flu. The earlier you start your treatments the quicker you will be able to knock the flu out of your system. Finally, onto the survival kit. Below are the most essential items that have provenly been shown to be effective against the flu:


1. Vitamin C
2. Echinachea
3. Zinc
4. Liquids
5. Tylenol/Ibuprofen
6. Dextromethorphan
7. Honey
8. Annual Flu Immunization