For Men Who Hate to Run: Fun and Exciting Ways to Torch Major Calories

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Running is one of the best exercises for burning off calories. It’s completely free, it gets you outdoors, and it’s fun. But it’s not for everyone.

Some people simply don’t enjoy running, and you may be one of them. Perhaps you find it boring, or maybe you don’t find it good for your knees. And that’s absolutely fine. The most important part of keeping in shape is finding an activity you enjoy so that you will be inspired to do it regularly. Here are some excellent ways to keep fit and burn off calories that don’t involve running.



Cycling is a great way to burn off calories. It gets you outdoors in the same way as running, but you can go further and it does not have the same jarring motion that running has. Alternatively, take a spin class and you will realize pretty quickly just how tough it can be.



rowingYou can row outside on a river, or you can row on a machine in the gym. Either way, it is an effective way to get fit. It works on your legs, abs, arms, back, and triceps, providing a whole-body workout that’s hard to beat.


Kettlebell Swings

This is a fun way to get into shape. It works your quads and it will really get your heart beating fast—you could even burn as much as 20 calories a minute. The reason it is so effective is that it uses a kind of movement that you are not used to so it makes your body work harder.


Rope Jump

This classic exercise is the practical do-anywhere calorie burner. Jump a rope for 20 minutes and you’ll burn off about the same amount of calories as you would running—you will actually use more muscle groups as well.


The Elliptical

This low-impact exercise is a great running alternative. Burn the same amount of calories as running without the harsh impact on your knees, and you can burn off even more by setting a higher resistance level.



Swimming is ideal if you suffer from any joint pain because the water relieves pressure on your joints. You can make it as tough as you want it to be, and you will use your whole body to burn of some serious calories. Try water aerobics as well to change things up a bit.


What About When You Can’t Lose the Final Pounds?

Sometimes no matter how much exercise you do, you cannot get rid of that stubborn fat. You may be fit and in good shape, but there are some areas you just cannot get to. In this situation, one option could be surgery. There are many procedures that you could benefit from, some of which are relatively minor.

Don’t see it as an alternative to staying fit and healthy, but rather as a useful extra to get your desired body image when exercise alone does not work. See here for more information on a variety of procedures you could consider.


Keep Fit Without the Running

For some people, running is the ultimate exercise. But for others, it is simply not their preferred exercise for a number of reasons. If you don’t like running but you want to burn off calories, don’t worry—these exercises are fun and effective. Try them all out until you find one that you enjoy, and that’s the best thing you can do if you want to start losing weight.

Dr Kevin M. Ruhge is a specialist plastic surgeon in relation to face, breast and body aesthetic procedures. He has been elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha national honor society and is also a certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has already shared his expert views on a number of online resources.