Future & Current Trends in Healthcare The Scary Truth

Health Care Should Be Free – In Canada, this is already the case. The United States, with Obamacare, has adopted a new approach to covering patient’s health costs. Canada has proven this system effective by offering everyone free health care but everyone must pay taxes into the program. This concept implies that everyone pitches in to help everyone who needs to use the benefits. This system has been very effective throughout Canada and future trends in health care in America has indicated we will most likely model our health care system more like Canada’s universal health insurance policies. 


Obamacare has recently passed and will take full effect beginning in 2014. Along with this means a lot of changes from every aspect of health care including but not limited to: Medical Doctors, Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Pharmacies, Health Insurance Providers, Health Insurance Premiums & Deductibles. America is the leading economy in the world but when it comes to healthcare we surprisingly are not the most efficient country for treating patients. America needs to come together to supply better healthcare with better results. Find out here how American ranks up against some of the biggest and most popular countries throughout the world.


According to the World Health Statistics, America has the highest rate of obesity and has nearly tripled since 20 years ago. This rate is alarming as even more people are expected to become obese within the next decade. As far as overall mortality rates and life expectancy, America ranks at the bottom of the top ten, at number 8. This is compared to every other country in the world. America spends the most money on health care issues and treating patients. This poses a problem as we are spending the most money and not getting the best results. This influences current trends in health care which are changing completely with Obamacare here in America. 
As America ages and baby boomers reach that retirement age, it is estimated that the prevalence of many diseases will be on the rise, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s. With increased cases of all of these diseases comes increased costs. Right now America’s health care insurance for seniors, Medicare, is supposed to run out of funds within just a couple years! As you can see this poses a problem. We have increased number of people with diseases and/or disabilities, with Medicare funds running bone dry. There needs to be a change as soon as possible or America’s health care system will come to a collapse. 
 A lot of people think health care should be free, but in reality it is not completely “free”. Someone has to pay for something, and in this case it will be through taxes from the hard working American people. There is no other way to supply our nation’s health problems unless we have more money for Medicare and other government sponsored programs for health care.
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