Heart Disease Help with Omega 3 Supplementation

Heart disease has a choke hold on many people throughout the world as it is the number one cause of death, according to the National Institution of Health. Heart disease can manifest itself in many different distinctions such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, atheroscolosis, heart attacks, strocks and chest pain. Heart disease is a general term that combines all of these individual manifestations of the disease. Heart disease help should be easier to access and find. A great place to start is to do some research on the internet that can give you some inforamtion or going to your doctor’s office and pharmacy. These are all reliable sources to find information that can impact your life.
The first heart disease help you can do for yourself is to change your diet and start exercising. These are the two most important influencial factors that can cause a person’s heart health to either increase or decrease, depending on how much effort you put in. Exercising should be done at least 30-40 minutes of moderate exercise at best 6-7 days per week. Your diet should focus a lot on foods that are low in saturated fat, low in sodium content, low in cholesterol and low in trans fat. Along with your diet, there are many supplements for heart disease that have been proposed to offer benefits. Some of these supplements include but are not limited to¬†Coenzyme Q10, garlic, niacin, vitamin d and what this article focuses on, omega 3 supplementation.


It has been long known that omega fatty acids are an essential part of a healthy diet. Omega 3 is a specific type of fatty acid, as there are many others such as omega 6, omega 9 and so on. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in everyday foods and high concentrations are contained in specific foods such as salmon, sardines, walnuts and flax seeds. Omega 3 has many known health benefits and in high enough doses (~2-4grams per day) it is available as a prescription medication to treat high cholesterol. However, this article we are referring to the over the counter omega 3 supplementation, which is usually available in strengths of 500mg up to 1 gram omega 3. Taking omega 3 in some form, whether it is supplements or through natural food, is important and offers health benefits.


Omega 3 supplementation affects your heart in a number of ways. Omega 3 helps to reduce inflammation and inflammatory markers that are in your heart and arteries. The main cause of heart disease is that you have substances in your body called prostaglandins and pro-inflammatory markers. Omega 3 fatty acids work to limit the ability of these inflammation causing substances to form. If these substances cannot be produced then they cannot cause any damage to your heart.
Being one of the many supplements for heart disease, it is imperative that you can monitor the effects this supplement may actually have on your heart health. Certain parameters should be consistently measures either on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis so that you can track your progression and if you receive any true benefits from taking omega 3 supplementation. These parameters can include measuring your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, chest pain absense and fitness levels. Always remember, if your feeling healthier and the numbers show it, you are doing something right so you should continue on that track!


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