High Reps or Low Reps

What results are you trying to attain? This is the million dollar question that you must ask yourself when considering how you execute repetitions.

Weight lifters often try to fluctuate their weight whether its gain weight or lose weight. Lifting weights can play a crucial role in changing your weight. The question has always been when should you use high reps or low reps when training in the gym? I am here to provide you with an answer that will once and for all solve the question.

Almost everyone has the same number of muscle fibers throughout their body. People look bigger and more muscular because the actual fiber cells within the muscle have actually expanded. Your muscles work biologically at a cellular level to get bigger once you fatigue and stretch your muscles to the maximum.

High reps or Low reps:high reps

High reps will cause your muscles to become extremely fatigued. Once your muscles are fatigued you are using up all of the oxygen and energy you have in your muscles. Once you break this barrier you begin to burn fat as your main source of energy. When you begin burning fat is when you start to lose the most weight.

High reps will cause you to access your storage of fat much quicker and begin to lose fat and tone up. You will not gain a lot of size, and you will certainly not gain weight. However, you will look more cut and shaped. When doing high reps you want to aim to be in the range of 12-15 reps per set. You want to minimize the amount of time between sets so that you push your muscles to the maximum.

Low reps on the other hand will cause you to gain weight and gain strength. Low reps cause you to use more of an instant power type lifting technique while training. This is so you can draw as much energy as you can for 4-6 reps. This is called burst energy and can even be taken to other exercises. For example, if you bench press you can do 5-6 sets for 1-2 reps. Make sure you have a spot because you want to go as heavy as you can. The more weight you lift and the more burst energy you access, the more strength you will gain.


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