How Long Can You Keep and Use Your Makeup Products?

cosmoticsHow long have you been using your lipstick? Check the shelf life of the cosmetic products that you are using and get rid of the ones that are too old. Remember, the liquid-based makeup products do not last a long time as compared to the cakes and products like lipsticks. You can use powered products, even longer and can apply for about two years until the color begins to change or there is a foul smell that you are noticing.

More than everything, there are certain important factors on which the time period of usability of the cosmetic products will depend: how it’s been stored, type of makeup in question, and the type of skin you have. Based on these factors you can determine the time for which you can keep your makeup products.

In many countries like United States, no laws require the cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration date of the cosmetics. That is the reason it is the discretion of the wearer when to discard the cosmetics. Given below are certain helpful tips to help you determine whether to keep or throw your cosmetics:

  • Eye cosmetics: You should use the mascara and eye cosmetics for about three months. Among the eye products the mascara has the shortest shelf life. If you do not change your mascara every three months, there are chances of bacterial infection of the eyelids. F you notice the mascara drying out, throw it, even if the three month period is not over. Doing this will help you avoid eye infection. Eye pencils can, however, stay usable for as long as two years. However, make sure that the tips are always kept covered and the pencil should be sharpened before every application.
  • Lipsticks and lip balms: Lipsticks and lip pencils can stay on the shelf for as long as two years. However, cosmetics should be kept covered. You should notice whether the lipstick is not drying up or causing allergic reactions on the skin of the lips. In such a situation, you can discard those.
  • Concealers, powders, and blushes: Any cream based products can be used for about a year. Powdered blushes can stay in good condition for more than two years. If you notice a foul smell or any film develops over the cosmetics, you must make it a point to discard those. Use clean brushes and applicators if you want to keep those for a long time.
  • Liquid products: Cosmetic products like the liquid concealer can stay in perfect condition when stored away from heat and direct sunlight. Do not dip your finger in the bottle when you need to use those. Using fingers can cause the growth of bacteria. Especially if you have a sensitive skin, you must use the cosmetics properly so that you can increase the shelf life of the products and use them for a long period of time.

While the make up products need to be used safely and hygienically, the applicators also need to be cleaned and washed regularly for maintaining hygiene. So, clean the sponges and brushes every week. You should also wash your hands before applying makeup.