How to Cut Calories when Eating Fast Foods

fast food caloriesReading the title of this article it might make you laugh knowing that the moment you have decided to walk in a fast food restaurant chances are that you have a high caloric intake through the choices of food you are offered.

Almost anything in there is fried in oil and everybody knows that frying is not at all the healthy way to serve a meal. More than this, you will have all sorts of side dishes that are also packed with fats, not to mention the good old mayonnaise!

There are however some ways to help cut down the calories that one can take in through fast foods consumption:

* Don’t touch the chips because they come with saturated fats and instead opt for corn on the cob or beans since many of these places offer these days these substitutes to chips. Once you give up chips you will instantly cut off 400 calories with the meal you are serving.

* Next on this list is chicken and you must agree with the fact that fried chicken is dipped in so much oil that only the thought of it can make one sick! But if you still want to go with chicken at least consider ordering from drumsticks. The thing is that these parts of the chicken have less surface that is exposed to deep frying and for this reason you can take in fewer calories than with other choice of chicken parts.

For instance, a drumstick offered by KFC includes 140 calories, 8 grams of fat of which only 2 gramsĀ are saturated. OK, I don’t mean that this is good for you, but it better than other alternatives, such as chips are, for instance. Also you may want to choose a small meal nuggets that come with 200 calories for four pieces.

* Try coleslaw as a side dish since this one is mainly contained of carrots and cabbage that are both rich in vitamins, fibers and potassium. Yes, maybe you can have a better alternative, but this is definitely not in here with fast food restaurant. So stick to this one instead of having chips spraying with mayo on top of them.

* You might as well choose those fast foods that sell grilled foods which is definitely a better alternative to the fried food. At this point you may want to give up bread and mayonnaise.

So, there you have it. If you make sure that you count the calories with each and every fast food meal you order, you may not end up eating a fat meal although you can always choose the option of serving a more natural and a more home-cooked meal.