How to Handle Contact Lens Overwear and Problems

  Contact lens have come a long way since they were first introduced in the early 1970s. Starting with soft contacts that were wearable throughout the day but you had to take them out every night all the way to one a day disposable silicon-hydrogel contacts. There have been many changes throughout contact lens’ history however one important aspect that can easily be overlooked by people who wear them is this: Eye health. That’s right, wearing contacts improperly can actually cause irreversible damage to your eyes and possibly worsen your vision in the future if the proper steps to take care of your eyes and contacts are not taken.

 Contact lens problems can affect anyone who does not properly care for their contacts. There are many problems that can arise such as:
  • Eye infection
  • Eye allergies
  • Red eye
  • Watery eyes
  • Irritation/pain in the eyes
  • Worsening or even loss of vision


The first step to avoid having any problems include making sure you keep them clean. How can you do this? Below I will list several ways that you should handle your contacts every single time you touch them:
  • Wash your hands before putting them in or taking them out
  • Put a small amount of Multi-Purpose Contact Solution in the palm of your hand, then place your contact lens in your hande and move it around throughout the solution in a circular motion so that it can touch all parts of the contacts
  • DO NOT sleep in contacts or wear them for extended periods of time without giving your eyes a break – If you wear your contacts for extended periods, your eyes begin to create new blood vessels in your eye ball which can lead to further complications for your eyes in the future. The reason being, if you wear your contacts your blocking the flow of oxygen in the air to reaching your eye ball because the contacts are in the way. Your eyes need oxygen, so how do they fix this problem? If you wear your contacts for a long time, your eyes will create new blood vessels so that it can receive more oxygen one way or another, since the contacts are blocking the air from reaching your eye balls.


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