How To Incorporate Crossfit Techniques Into Your Workout

It’s no denying that crossfit has become increasingly more popular as an alternative to traditional fitness. The inherent social structure gives its members the support they need to keep coming back for more. But what if you’re more of a one man wolf-pack in the weight room? You may be missing out on some of the benefits crossfit offers. The constant body shock its numerous techniques leave on the body is an effective means to see results and keep your workouts from becoming routine. While your gym may not have a spare tractor tire lying around, you can still incorporate crossfit exercises into your workout routine to avoid a routine and reach your fitness goals.

Here To Stay

A growing number of people who join a crossfit gym will tell you they will never go back to a traditional one. Just as devoted are the traditional gym dogs who have watched workout fad come and go. Crossfit seems more likely to stick around than some of its predecessors and mixing it’s workouts into your own is a great way to achieve muscle confusion. The easiest way to bring these techniques into your workout is to use a travel crossfit regimen. Like the crossfit members who can’t get to their gym, you can get a good crossfit workout in your traditional gym as well.

No Equipment, No Problem!

There are a number of crossfit exercises that require little or no equipment which make them the easiest to incorporate into your gym routine. Some examples of familiar ones you can use include squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. These simple exercises are great to perform in between the sets you currently perform with weights or free weights. It would make sense to focus on a different muscle group than what your primary lifts are intended for when performing these auxiliary lifts. I find it best to dedicate the time between sets for core exercises and strength training. In basic terms, examples of this training method would be to attempt a certain number of sit-ups in between sets on the bench press, or substitute crunches when lying back on the decline bench.

There are many other lesser known exercises that can be mixed into your routine just as easily as the few above. For visual examples and a more detailed description it is recommended that you view any number of the online examples available or take a visit to your local crossfit gym. A list of the more popular and simple crossfit techniques to incorporate would include burpees, broad jumps, jump squats, mountain climbers, verticals, handstands, dips, and various jump rope exercises.

In addition to these exercises that fit nicely between your strength training sets, crossfit also offers ways to get the most out of your cardiovascular workouts. These exercises center around running shorter distances with breaks at certain intervals to perform exercises previously mentioned. These techniques are similar in nature to high intensity interval training or HIIT for short. This type of cardio is more about max effort in smaller distances than traditional running which centers around traveling long distances at a much slower pace. When performing this type of running program into your routine, dynamic stretching is imperative to avoid serious injury.


Like any other exercise regimen, crossfit may not be right for everyone. Joining a crossfit gym exclusively may not make sense for you financially or fit well into your daily schedule. For others, the social aspect that a crossfit gym pride itself in may not be the type of dynamic you’re looking for. Those who have joined rave about the social dynamic and support structure it has. However there are others who find the gym to be a personal space where they prefer solidarity and that’s perfectly fine as well. Whatever your reason for not working out exclusively at your local crossfit gym, don’t make the mistake of failing to implement some of the valuable techniques used in crossfit into your own workout regimen.

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