How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Losing 10 pounds within week is very possible for anyone. If you are trying to loose weight you firstly want to watch what you are eating. People’s eating habits now a days are leading to more people being over weight, which can be very unhealthy for you in the future and lead to severe health problems. I’m going to share a few secrets for everyone to help loose 10 pounds or more.

Drinking Habits

Firstly, lets start out by drinking water only or low fat milk for the calcium and protein but not to much milk. Try to stay away from juice and drinks with sugar, if you drink juice limit yourself to a cup a day if that. Cut out all soda even diet soda, this is very crucial when try to lose some extra weight. Drinking water is the ultimate key of losing water and its healthy for the heart. Water plays a huge role on cleaning toxic out of the body, which you want to maintain a healthy life. Remember only drink water for a week or two to start seeing max results.

Food Habits

When it comes to eating try to lean toward whole grain foods and avoid sugar and refined flour. If you like fish, eat a lot of fish and salad, this has worked for some family members and friend I know. There are tons of advantages of eating fish, so start eating a lot of fish. When you are hungry for a snack make a salad. Stick to salad, fihow to lose 10 poundssh water for at least a week and you will lose 10 or more pounds. If you eat anything but fish cut your portions in half for best results.


Do small 30 min simple workouts around the house to burn extra calories. There are so many things people can do around the house that is exercising. People saying they don’t have time to exercise is not a excuse! When dong exercise each day start making new challenges and try to complete your goal each week. See your progress can increase your motivation in looking more fit and losing weight. Exercise the main key of how to lose 10 pounds fast. So stay active everyday and move around as much as possible.

Remember for one week eat fish, salad and drink water only, and milk every so often. Follow these 3 key factors can help on how to lose 10 pounds efficiently and by doing it a healthy way. Once you start losing weight you going to feel so much better about yourself, and make life better. Life is about living it to the fullest so start doing it! Read more Health Info here.