How to Manage Stress With Nutritious Food and Herbs?

manage stress withPeople will surely have stress at one point of their lives. Stress is actually an important survival mechanism and can be beneficial to our health if managed properly. However, most stressors in our life isn’t life-threatening and people who are unable to manage their stress lives could actually have their live shortened. Instead of helping us to survive, stress could actually kill us slowly if we are unable to manage it properly. Fortunately, there are multiple nutritional tools that can help us manage stress. Some vitamin treatment may bring balance to our body and provide natural stress relief, especially after stress saps much of our energy.

Managing stress with food 

Proper food intake is an essential key to maintain chemicals balance in our body. Our body releases serotonin to elevate mood and when we experience stress, it is a good idea to consume more carbohydrate. Complex carbohydrate could help our body to release more serotonin, which makes us feel a bit better. Brown rice, squash, potatoes and broccoli are good sources of complex carbohydrates. Additionally, we should include more B vitamins in our food to improve stress management. Spinach, soybeans, beets and asparagus are packed with B vitamins. Finally, we should include tryptophan in our diet to maintain balanced serotonin levels, which can help us manage stress and body. Tryptophan-rich foods include nuts, eggs and poultry.

Managing stress with herbs

Herbs are ideal for managing stress and of them is St. John’s Wort. It has been proven to treat mild to moderate stress effectively in various clinical trials. Like Prozac, St. John’s Wort also works like any medicinal serotonin inhibitors. It balances serotonin levels in our body and contributes to elevated mood. One concern would be whether the herb interacts with common supplements and drugs. In this case, patients should discuss with health professionals and physician before using St. John’s Wort. (click here for herb grinder)

Chamomile is another herb to relief stress naturally. It has an apple-like sweet fragrance and its name literally means “ground apple” in Greek. We can take chamomile as a supplement and like hot tea, it could soothe our body and mind. Kava-kava is also widely promoted as, however there have been warning from experts for possible effects on the liver after consuming the herb for some amount of time.

Generally, we could get natural stress relief from anything good that we eat, including nutritious food, herbal remedies and natural supplements. We can live a happier life and achieve stress reduction by incorporating proper treatment.

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