How to Stay Fit and Healthy All Summer Long

Finding time to exercise regularly and eat well can sometimes be a challenge. Many of us are motivated to diet and increase cardio activity in the months leading up to swimsuit season. We find that the thought of walking around the beach half-naked is enough inspiration to push the plate away and hop on the treadmill.

But what happens when summer is finally upon us?

Don’t let the hot, swampy days deter you from leading a healthy life. Take advantage of the warm weather and outdoor fitness options to maintain your current physique – or even improve it.

Look for Free Classes

Many gyms and neighborhood yoga studios offer free sessions during the summer to get people in the door and hooked on their facilities.

Lululemon often provides outdoor yoga classes free of charge to members of the community. Company founder Chip Wilson believes that a business should integrate itself into the community and have a presence. As a result, his stores, as well as other athletic retailers like Nike and CitySports offer free bootcamp classes and informal group training runs open to the public.

how to stay fitWater, Water Everywhere

When it’s hot outside, you might be tempted to stay inside in the air conditioning, but that’s no way to spend a summer afternoon! Find a pool near you to soak up the sun and fit in a cardio workout. Many cities have public pools for those who don’t have access to their own.

Go online and search for neighborhood pool options. You may find that there is a public pool that you never even knew about – or you might be able to join a YMCA, swim club, or neighborhood pool for a reasonable price.

Use Those Legs

One of the worst feelings in the summertime is when you first get into your car after the sun has been beating down on it for a while. The seatbelt always burns you, the sticky leather seats bite the back of your legs and it’s hard to breathe for the first few minutes. So, save the gas and do yourself a favor: Just walk.

In the summertime, we tend to have fewer pressing engagements and everyone adopts a more laid back vibe. One of the Lululemon mottos that Chip Wilson supports is the idea that you should “move your body and your heart will follow.” Simply taking a stroll or walking to your destination instead of driving might take up a bit more of your time, but will pay off in spades in terms of overall health and wellbeing.

Getting in shape is about more than just looking good on the beach; it’s about feeling good about your body inside and out. Make a conscious decision to be active and eat well so it is a part of your daily routine – not just in the weeks leading up to Memorial Day. The better you treat your body, the worse you’ll feel when you slack off or overindulge. Embrace the seasonal fruits, veggies, and enhanced opportunities for exercise and stay healthy all summer long.