How Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Health

Healthy sleep habits are the key to a healthy lifestyle. If I go to bed too late, or wake up earlier than usual, it can wreck my whole day. It wasn’t so bad when I was younger, but now that I’m getting older, it takes me longer to recover from my poor sleep habits.

Things got so bad that finally I talked to my doctor about it. Surely there could be some vitamin or energy drink that could help me bounce back from poor sleep habits. You can imagine my surprise when he offered a list of tips that failed to list either of these things.

5 Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

The tips my doctor suggested were little more than common sense that I wasn’t ready to face. Once I finally adopted them, however, my sleep habits improved. This in turn helped me to have better days.

Better sleep habits led to me being more patient with others. It improved my work performance, and I found myself laughing and smiling more often. I couldn’t believe it was this easy to improve my lifestyle. Here are the tips that worked best for me:

  • Adopt a Bedtime – This was hard for me. I hadn’t had a bedtime in years. Once I started going to bed at the same night, my body began reflecting it – and the reflections were all positive. I could think more clearly the next day and didn’t feel tired.
  • Cut Out the Electronics – I am a fan of late-night television, but dislike the morning news. I quickly learned to record my favorite programs and watch them the next morning while getting ready for work or eating breakfast.
  • Avoid Taking a Nap – There’s nothing like kicking back in the recliner or hammock for a nap on a weekend afternoon. However naps, even short catnaps, can prevent you from falling asleep once bedtime arrives. Now that I’m more rested, I don’t feel the need to nap.
  • Get Some Exercise – Whether a walk around the block or a full workout in the gym, any exercise is better than none. When your body is well-exercised, then it is better able to relax when bedtime comes. When your body is relaxed, then you sleep better at night.
  • Replace Your Mattress – If you’ve been using the same mattress for years, or have the wrong type of mattress for your health needs, then it could have an adverse effect on your health. Ask your doctor what the best type of mattress is for your health and sleep habits.

Some Additional Tips to Ensure a Better Night’s Sleep

These are just a few of the tips that worked for me. I also lowered the temperature and bought an air purification machine. The better air quality, not to mention the white noise to drown distractions like neighborhood dogs’ barking, also help me sleep better at night.

Finally, make sure you get up at the same time every day. Oversleeping just by a few minutes isn’t bad, but if you’re hitting the snooze alarm over and over, then it can wreck your whole day. I put the alarm clock across the room so I have to get up and go turn it off, and it works every morning.

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