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Hi, you will be very glad later that you are taking your little time on how KYANI works. I am telling you straight forward, C. Norman Shealy MD advocates this product and he is a globally recognized American neurosurgeon who also specializes in treating pain – you can google the name. I too, a healthcare worker – Respiratory Therapist, advocates wholeheartedly this KYANI nutrition because it is really working for me and my family circle. It has saturated hospitals already. Guess what?! A nurse introduced this nutritional supplement to me. If you do not already know, well in the hospital, even healthcare workers do not give themselves proper nutrition since they too were on the go most of the time. This will be a really good investment to your health and family.

First, as a customer who just plans to try and take this product for the purpose of taking advantage of its numerous nutritional health benefits. Some people may quickly feel the benefits in just 24 hours after taking them in. Mine was about 3 days into its daily regimen. One in the morning (SUNRISE), one right before bedtime (SUNSET), and 2-3 times a day of NITROFx. After those three days, I was more energized and there were no leg or knee aches anymore after those long 12-hour shifts. My father had some tummy issues at first and that is probably a withdrawal or cleansing effect of the body; KYANI is doing its part to cleanse my father’s “not so healthy body”. Just simply TRY it, that is all I can say. There is a 30-day money back guarantee that goes with it when you order. And if it works wonderfully to you, why not advocate it just like me! Which leads me to……

Investing the KYANI product for health and for wealth. I have never signed to any multi level marketing (MLM) scheme before. It is because I know that you either work your butt off in recruiting thousands of people – “on your own”, or else it will not give you back your investment. Well, when they told me how easy and different KYANI is to traditional network marketing, I did not hesitate to JOIN the team because in the first place, I know that the product is really powerful!

Good news! To its simplest form, with KYANI, you just need to recruit 3 people – that is 3 people you personally know – and you will succeed in this business. I kid you not! Actually in the earlier stage, you only need two people to build your team. All of that is because those 3 personal recruits you have will also have to recruit three individuals for themselves, and so forth – that is the multilevel marketing part. It is like having 3 very long legs overtime, downline compensation, that will get you through this business. But not only that, we will work as a team! If ever I have recruits myself, since you are in my team and I can see you are having some difficulties recruiting, I can just give my recruits to you. The way it works is that since you are in my downline, my 3 legs get longer and longer by sharing/giving to you my recruits. And with this website, I get unique visitors – meaning different individuals who can be converted into joining my team. I will easily give them to you to grow your team, our team. Got it?! For further understanding, see the video about compensation. There are about 8 different ways where you can get compensated with the KYANI product – which is distributed GLOBALLY. From Australia to most of Europe, India to Malaysia, and the Philippines, you can order better nutrition wherever you are. Kyani is ready to supply you with its products.

Are you sold my friend? Invest in your health and invest for your family. Join My Team.

Teamwork makes the rest work”.



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