Is The Healthcare Industry Respecting Information Security?

 It’s been more than a decade that HIPAAs security rule has been published. It seems unfortunate that the healthcare industry is not paying much-needed attention, whenever Information Security Officers in healthcare industry are struggling to be heard.

Healthcare industry deals with mass data. There is a huge pool of information that is being shared, analyzed, and used the cloud technology. On one hand, it is one of the most convenient ways to consume and share data and information among doctors, researchers, and patients, the technology itself pose significant threats to medical information. There are information hacks and leakages, which is causing significant problems for both doctors and patients.

The healthcare industry needs to hire information security professionals. There are professionals who can take care of the security and safety of the data and information of any healthcare facility. It is unfortunate that doctors and other healthcare service professionals involved in the healthcare industry believed that they are already privacy-sensitive and that they ‘weren’t banks holding money to be stolen’. Even a few decades back, there were only a few healthcare facilities that have security professionals taking care of the safety and security of the electronic data of the facility. This was because there was much less awareness and a common notion that stealing millions of healthcare data and information is really going to be boring and useless. This is the main reason they neglected the use of proper security system.

Analyzing the current scenario…

 According to the healthcare security experts, a lot of efforts have gone into making personnel of the healthcare industry understand the need for robust security policies. They are urging the needs for strengthening passwords to healthcare information. However, the security professionals who are stressing o healthcare information security are thought to be obstacles to optimum care for patients. Less informed doctors tend to believe that in the process of them trying to remember passwords to the healthcare information; patients may die. Thus, saving data and information secured is thought to be inconvenient and problematic. In healthcare facilities that hired security professionals, it was seen that passwords are being shared, and the security professionals are being jeered at for giving so much value to the safety of a person’s medical information.

There are healthcare facilities that support the importance of healthcare security. These are institutions that have changed the way they see the information security of the healthcare industry. It has been seen that the business associates, healthcare facilities, and the information security professionals are focusing on the security of healthcare data – all according to the rule set by the HIPPA.


 It has been analyzed and concluded that the information security program that HIPPA mentions is still at an infant stage. Two prominent reasons have been found to be behind that– lack of expertise and lack of proper resources to carry out security functions. Almost all new hire healthcare professionals do not have sufficient experience in handling healthcare information. These Professionals luck training how to secure health information

Also, stolen laptops, missing hard drives, and hacking of information stored in drives are growing threat to health information security. Unless proper security measures are taken, health information breach continues to become healthcare industry biggest challenge.