Looking For Trendy, Yet Healthy Foods? – Here Are Few Tips

Fashion and food are two things that change with people taste and preference. Now-a-days people are more health conscious and are in a constant watch for diet and weight loss advice. Healthy food habits are one major solution to leading a healthy life. Many nutritionists’ advice food habits which do not sound, look, or taste entertaining. People often get bored following their diet chart, thereby trying out different unhealthy food habits.

Here, you will get to know about varied foods which are trendy, yet healthy.


 This is basically a sugar substitute, which is extracted from cacti. It is highly preferable for replacing sugar at the time of baking. When you talk about the measurement of calories, agave and table sugar go hand-in-hand. But the catch is here, agave is about 1.5 times sweeter than table sugar. Thus, you can use less quantity of agave compared to sugar to get the desired sweet effect.

One of the striking benefits of agave is that, it has a low score when compared in the glycemic index.  Agave is measured to be between 15 – 30, whereas sugar scores a grand total of 65 in the glycemic index. This essentially denotes that consuming agave on a regular basis won’t result in sudden hike in the blood sugar level, but regular consumption of table sugar bear a greater risk.

Nondairy Milk

 For those who are lactose-intolerant, there are many substitutes for dairy milk. Few of the most preferred substitutes include, almond milk, rice milk, soy milk. These are also highly nutritious. Now-a-days there are many among us who are sensitive towards dairy products. Many people visit doctors complaining about delicate digestive system. For them switching to rice milk is the best option. People who require more of protein and calcium, almond milk is always a smart choice. Soy milk is mostly recommended to women who are looking forward to trigger their hormone, and also to aged men who are facing prostate issues.

Almond Butter

 There are many almond-based food products, and almond butter is one of them. Almond butter is considered to have some benefits over peanut butter. It is highly preferable over peanut butter is because it has more protein and less sugar.


Whole grain is highly recommended by many nutrition experts, as it is rich in nutrition and also fiber which is digestion-friendly. It is a perfect component for a balanced diet. Quinoa grain is becoming popular in the whole grain market of the South American countries. It stands out of the rest because of its rich protein content and versatility.

Teff and Chia Seeds

 These two seeds are considered to be the current superstars in the whole grain market.  Chia is rich with protein and also helps in easy bowel movements. Whereas, teff is an excellent grain used to make bread. Teff flour products is well tolerated by people who cannot stand gluten and also have digestive issues.  This Ethiopian endogenous food is winning popularity in the western world in recent years.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are becoming popular now-a-days. Few popular fermented foods are yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut. These days you can also find fermented carrot, radish, and beets. These foods contain beneficial bacteria, when not pasteurized after fermentation. These bacteria help to buildup digestive health.