Male Fertility – Tips To Boost It

fertility tips for men

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Fertility tips for men

Infertility among men has been a serious issue these days. About 15 percent of couples out of the total population experience infertility. There are many causes for it, from environmental factors to physical factors the list goes on. But taking few steps can boost your fertility.

Improve sperm count

A average healthy man produces 150-350 million per cc, the condition of infertility arises when the count decreases to 41 million per cc. Low sperm count may be due to radiations, drugs, exposure to harmful chemicals such as toluene and benzene, smoking, alcohol, exposure to heavy metals, pollution etc.

Wearing tight clothes and sitting in uncomfortable position for a long time can be also the cause for low sperm count. Sitting in a hot bath for long hours can affect the sperm as heat destroys them. Try avoiding the mentioned things to boost your sperm count.

Chemical Exposure

A study states that male today produce only 50 percent of the sperm, which is very less than it was 50 years ago. The cause can be xenoestrogens, a hormone that suppresses the secondary characters in man.

Xenoestrogens can be found in DDT, plastics, pollutants and other PCB products. You can minimize the exposure by avoiding intake of foods from plastic bags or boxes that are made from recycled plastic. Include organic foods in your daily diet. Avoid buying fruits and vegetables sprayed by pesticides. Avoid chlorinated water or the water that contains bleach in it.

Healthy Diet

Eat lots of green leafy vegetable, carrots, citrus fruits, etc. Walnut and Almonds are said to boost virility in men. Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking. Tomatoes are said to boost virility as they contain Lycopene and amino acid. Walnuts have been used by Romans as a natural virility enhancer for centuries; it has also been termed as Natural Viagra.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly relieves stress and reduces excess fats. Being overweight is also a factor that affects fertility.

Running marathon is harmful and cause a condition called as amenorrhea i.e., less or no menstruation in women and low sperm count in males.

Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes the body is unable to produce or convert the required supplements that are essential for the body. Zinc and Vitamin C are the main supplements to maintain fertility in men.

Vitamin C stops the sticking or clumping of the sperms to each other. Zinc increases the levels of testosterone that in turns increase the sperm count and sperm motility.

The foods rich in Vitamin C are citrus fruits such as orange, grapes, lemon. Tomato, tamarind are also a good source of Vitamin C. Oyster, beef, nuts such as walnut, almond, turkey, lamb are a rich source of Zinc.

Herbal Helper

Some of the herbs acts magically and can enhance fertility. Ginseng or the Korean Ginseng works wonders, it helps in orgasm and erection. Palmetto berry increases the libido and helps in a better blood flow in the sexual organ. The reviews of Vigrx plus says that it has maximum effect during sex. Ginkgo biloba extract, rhodiola rosea, nutmeg etc. are some of the useful herbs.