Marketing Terms You Should Be Aware Of When Buying Cheap Cosmetics

There are many beauty products that may claim they are “green” or natural but it does not mean that this is the case in reality. There are many cheap cosmetics companies that use these terms to fool people into thinking that they are getting a really green product for a low price. Below we look at a list of the most common misleading claims made by companies.

Never trust a stranger

Almost all of our parents told us never to trust strangers, so the same applies to cheap beauty products and even expensive ones. You shouldn’t trust everything they say. There are many brands that are capitalizing on the consumer’s desire for natural and organic makeup as well as personal care products. They will often use a number of popular catch phrases on their products’ description. Generally, you should be very weary of the following types of claims and language:

  • Made from natural essential oils
  • Made using nontoxic ingredients
  • All organic ingredients
  • 100% natural
  • Purely nontoxic
  • Environment friendly
  • Tested by dermatologists, hypoallergenic, non-irritating and allergy tested
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan

You may think that language indicating that the cheap cosmetics you want to buy contain essential oils are legitimate. However, the reality is that the US Food and Drug administration just regulates organic foods and not cosmetics. So, a number of plant derived ingredients may not be certified by the USDA, and could have just as easily been grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and various other harsh chemicals.

The other terms like “earth friendly”, “all natural” and even “nontoxic” may not be regulated and so all companies either manufacturing or selling their products are able to use these terms without being questioned. This is why it’s up to you i.e. the consumer to be able to differentiate between the reality of the products being sold and misleading claims that are more of just marketing gimmicks than anything else.

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Allergy free claims

Cheap cosmetics sellers especially those originating in third world or developing countries are constantly under scrutiny by the general public in the first world regarding quality. However, they are priced so competitively and then combine their cheap price with false claims like “allergy free” ingredients forcing people to overlook their quality. The fact is that even using purely natural ingredients like honey or even avocado can be irritating to the skin of some people. So, no matter what the product may promise it is important to initiate a small patch test using a free sample prior to buying. Also check the ingredients for items which you are known to be allergic to.

The very same logic applies to cosmetics that use so called vegan ingredients. These cosmetics claim to assure buyers that the product is free from animal derived ingredients like animal fats, honey and milk. That being said the claim does not necessarily mean that the products are free from toxic chemicals. Even though it could be reassuring that the products are so called cruelty free, the fact remains that claims of zero animal testing does not automatically mean that the product itself contains gentle and safe ingredients.

The best way to buy cheap cosmetics

If you want to save money and go for cheap cosmetics always take the time out to check the list of ingredients. There is a good chance that the product which touts so called “organic” ingredients, just has one ingredient which is organic and certified. Also, be aware of 100% natural claims because these will still contain parabens and preservatives, plus there is no sure way to verify if the product is earth friendly or environmentally safe because the terms are not regulated by the government.

Photo By Nerissas

Photo By Nerissas

You may think that “essentially nontoxic”, means that the manufacturer just focuses on using safe ingredients but they fail to mention the other dangerous ingredients. Many times what you’re considering green is just a cheap cocktail of chemicals mixed with natural ingredients, the outcome of which is a lousy product.

There are perfectly reputed and established companies that use the very same claims on their labels but not necessarily the same ingredients. Always check for third party and reputable certifications which can back up all the marketing claims on the product. You should also check out reviews and comments on the internet on sites like dollmeup prior to purchasing.


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