Motivating Yourself To Work Out – Achieving Your Ultimate Goal

With summer fast approaching, many of us are looking toward sunnier climates, a  music festival or relaxing holiday, worrying about nothing but the sand between your toes. However, while this is a time of excitement and anticipation, it’s also a time where people start becoming self-conscious about their physical appearance and become obsessed with attempting to get the perfect beach body before they jet off.

While some succeed in achieving that ideal body that has them looking good in a swimsuit, many don’t quite make it, some getting really close and just falling short, while others give up long before they’ve ever really started. This comes down to motivation as well as a person’s drive and commitment to reach their goals. It’s something that everyone struggles with. Even people who work out on a regular basis and are committed to reaching their goals, first have to combat that nagging thought in their head that tells them it’s easier to just give up.

However, there are ways in which you can give yourself that extra motivation to get you across the finish line.

Make It More Than Just Weight Loss

When you focus on only your weight loss it opens up the door for you to make excuses, you can work out another day, that one delicious treat isn’t going to hurt. It’s this mentality that becomes a slippery slope causing you fall into bad habits and ultimately fail in your attempts to get in shape. It’s much easier to keep yourself motivated when you have another goal that works in partnership with your main goal of losing weight. With the summer months being a time when a number of charitable sporting events are taking place, it presents the perfect opportunity to devote your new found conviction to get in shape while feeling good about helping others in the process.

When taking part in a charitable event, whether it’s a marathon, fun run or sponsored walk, you should look to fully embrace the it as much as possible, not only in the training and competition, but by getting your friends and colleagues involved as well as creating printed t-shirts to be worn throughout the event and help in creating awareness prior. This transforms what was a reason to get in better shape into a fun filled activity that is raising money for a fantastic cause while creating memorable moments for all involved.

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Bring In Outside Help

Even if you are someone who finds it difficult to push themselves, finds themselves giving up that little bit too early and really struggles to achieve your goals, don’t worry there’s still hope. Having a training partner or just someone there to push you can make the world of difference. It’s not just the fact they can give you words of encouragement and push you to perform better, they release that pride and slight ego which you have in yourself. Whether you’re someone who is naturally competitive or not, we all don’t want to start working out with a friend, only for them to significantly out perform you in every way. It’s embarrassing and can put a dent in your confidence. As such you will try and push yourself as hard as you can so at the very least you aren’t as far behind as you previously thought you would have been.  This can work wonders in helping you get in better shape, that one extra motivating factor you needed that significantly increases your motivation, causing quicker and more improved results.

Eat Right And Rest

When it comes to creating that healthy body you desire, it’s important to make sure all other parts of your body are working in sync to help provide the best results. This means that in addition to exercising on a regular basis, you should be eating as healthy as possible, avoiding all junk food and getting at least 8 hours sleep every night. If you aren’t eating healthily or getting enough sleep, your body is going to be tired and lethargic, not performing at the level you require and as such you aren’t going to see the results you want.

While you want to push yourself as much as possible, it’s also important to give your body time to recover and grow stronger. If you keep pushing yourself without giving your body proper time to recuperate you’re going to find that your level of performance becomes less and less, eventually leading too you sustaining an injury. After each workout you should ensure you give your body ample result so that you can come back as strong, if not stronger, the next day. This is what’s going to help you reach your goal in time for summer.

This article was written by John Johnston. John is part of the marketing team for Workwear Express, the leading supplier of workwear, staff uniforms and embroidery clothing throughout the UK and across Europe.