No-cost And Quick Eye Beauty Tips!?

When it comes to health and beauty, we all have our ingrained rituals: hair, skin, teeth – we all know the morning routine. However, sometimes it’s the smaller things that can make all the difference, and it’s these smaller things that we too often forget about! Our eyes tell a thousand stories about us – after all, they do see everything we see, and that includes the hard stuff; the stress, the emotion, and those nights when we just can’t seem to get to sleep. Unfortunately, our eyes tend to be lumped into the general “face” category, meaning that, no matter how much time we spend on our hair and make-up, our eyes can be a dead-giveaway of a stressful week.

how to get rid of puffy eyes

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Now don’t worry, ladies, we understand. We’re busy people, and the morning routine takes enough time out of our days as it is – we simply don’t have the time to spend an extra hour or two on our eyes! But don’t worry; here are a few quick tips to help brighten your eyes without dedicating an entire morning to it!

Home remedies – How to Reduce Red Puffy Eyes

Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for how ridiculous you’ll look whilst doing this. We suggest you lock the door!

There are a number of home remedies that you can use to reduce puffiness and crow’s feet on your eyes without having to spend money on face creams. Putting cool, moist teabags over your eyes for five-to-ten minutes on a morning (black tea works the best) will help cool red, puffy eyes by oxidising the skin and firming the skin. You might also want to give yourself and eye-massage in the morning by using your fingers to massage your inner eye sockets.

The best offence…

Of course, the most effective way to fight red and puffy eyes is to take steps to prevent it happening in the first place. The best advice we can give to this is to stay hydrated. Puffy, dry eyes are caused by dehydration, so take regular drinks of water – and don’t expect to have bright eyes on a hangover day! Watch your salt and alcohol intake, and consider replacing your morning coffee with a glass of water or a herbal tea.

…And then put the teabags on your eyes. (Just kidding)..

Stabilise your sleep pattern!

It’s undeniable that the most common cause of puffy eyes on a morning is an unusual sleeping pattern. This doesn’t necessarily just come with a lack of sleep – it can also come with too much sleep, or even factors that you might not realise. For instance, you may be sleeping for long enough, but you might not be sleeping deeply enough. A quick Google search of “sleep hygiene” (no, we’re not accusing you of being scruffy!) will help you along with this.

So there are our quick and costless tips for looking after your eyes! Give them a try and let us know what works for you in the comments! And for everything else, there’s an extensive range of creams and beauty products across the market to help you with your eye regime. And if that doesn’t help – there’s always makeup!

This article is written by Arran Garside, who often writes for RM-UK sometimes writing late in the night resulting in puffy eyes! He is trying the tips as you read this.