How to Overcome Stress | Healthy Ways for Overcoming Stress

Dealing with stress can become quite miserable and tiresome for certain individuals. Stress can impact a person’s life on every level from family life to work life. Learning how to deal with this stress is one simple way to become healthier both physically and mentally. Everyday stress can even lead to more significant health concerns some of which include depression, anxiety and fatigue. It is extremely important to learn how to overcome stress at even a young age so you can carry those techniques into your future. However, no matter what age you are, now is the time to make a change and begin the journey of forever overcoming stress!

I consider there to be two types of stress that can occur for an individual, the first one being “good” strstressess and the second one being “bad” stress. The first step in how to overcome stress is to have the ability to distinguish between good and bad stress. Good stress can be defined as occurrences in everyday life that may stress you out, but in a positive way. For example, if you’re trying to achieve a goal in life such as exercising and you stress about that goal, your stress is aimed at something positive so this is good stress.

On the other hand, bad stress is defined as stress that you are not able to manage and it is geared towards something negative in your life. An example of bad stress would be a situation that you have no control over however it still consumes your life both physically and mentally. It is best for individuals to try and filter out the negative stress in their lives versus keeping the positive stress in tact when overcoming stress.

It is important to keep in mind that overcoming stress techniques can be different for each individual. One technique that can be used is changing your energy spent on stress into something else like exercising. Exercising is great for people both physically and mentally because you create goals for yourself that you can achieve week after week. This will focus your mind on something positive overcoming stress rather than the negativity associated with stress.

Another tool that can be used for how to overcome stress is to talk to a therapist once a week or undergo some counseling. Counseling gives people a chance to open up and seek guidance from licensed professionals.

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